Federico Nietzchie

This happens because they think and judge something that is not known. One who has studied not surprised. This is normal. Of you to judge the Bible, saying it is a book more. Because you find many religious books. I propose this: if you want to give a valid and correct Jucie the Bible read it all. And then arrive at conclusions. Because I mean something that happened in my life.

On occasion an influential and intellectual well-studied, issued a lawsuit against the Bible saying the Bible is a book is a fake book. The largest of all the speakers in my century Mexican Alducin Armando, I look in the eye and said, have you read the Bible. The man showing contempt for the same said no. so eloquently answered the man of God, as they dare you judge something you do not know. Intellectual that went unanswered.

Because it's true. We judge what we do not know. This error has been our Christian to judge what we do not know. And you do not know which judge. Federico Nietzchie in their personal dogmatism mediocre judge that he did not know. I judge that he knew Jesus. Nietzchie that I speak of superman crazy and prostrate term paralysis. Jesus Christ spoke of morality, truth and justice. Virtues that were so important and holy to Moses and Daniel. Was crucified on a cross. Accepting his sentence to death with dignity, strength and greatness of spirit. Because if we look at Nietzchie and Jesus Christ in the physical aspect.