European Commission

The cooperation will be centered in the inquiry, the development, the society of the information, the environment, the prevention of the risks and the management integrated of gua' '. Inside of the estruturantes aspects of these three new orientaes, in the intervention principles, that are the complement of the actions in regional and local level. The intervention of the deep ones is inherent activity politics based on the priorities traced for the Community, being in charge of the Commission and of State-Member to assure them. The fixed estruturante Regulation a strategical boarding for the understood period enters 2007 the 2013. For the accomplishment in the practical one of the strategical boarding the operational programs of State-Member exist, each one with its proper peculiarities.

Also, the Financial management is estruturante part of the deep ones, therefore, it aims at to fiscalize the budgetary endowments of beneficiary State-Member. Finishing the aspects of structure of the deep ones it is distinguished that, for imposition of the European Commission, the deep ones inside possess of the respective budgetary endowment a destined percentage the assistance technique. 1.3.Candidaturas Any of State-Member of the European Union can in principle present candidacy so that Deep the specific one intervines? , however, it has a series of requirements and formalities, taxing imposed for the alluded candidacy. First, the participation in these Deep ones is of periodic matrix, that is, the programmarian, most current than we have is the understood period of programming enters 2007 the 2012. Regulation 1083/2006, foresees the applicable general disposals to the Deep ones, says that it is a to be followed ritual. For if dealing with Regulation, its content is tecnicista, its devices discourses of legislative form. As we said alhures, the Regulation in guideline traces common objectives to the Deep ones, then, since already in its Heading I, it approaches the general objectives and rules of intervention, treating to the scope of application and definition, having as object, the definitions, objectives and the missions of instrumental form.