Democratic Experiences

Robert Ramalho is Lawyer, Public Relations and Journalist. Email: Blog: democratic Experiences of regimes sufficiently had been limited lived for the Greeks with the Athenian democracy, and for the Romans at the time of the republic. However, the existing Athenian democracy in the old city-state of Atenas although to show considerable advances in relation to the current standards, it did not offer to conditions of equality and freedom for all. The women were inferior to the men, the slavery if constitua in one of them pillars of sustentation of the local economy, and had one strong division of different form of being able enter the Athenian citizens of the masculine seio. Exactly thus, Slon, Athenian governor, in the year of 594 A.C, established a series of reforms in the social, economic sectors and politicians, transforming innumerable citizens peasants into prosperous proprietors of its lands, making to participate them of the government through the division of public offices. It is exactly in this direction that the incipient Athenian democracy commits its bigger sin: to divide the power in terms of division of the wealth. During the validity of the Roman republican system, also same having and subsistindo one limited control of the people the governing of the time, we cannot consider the government form as a democracy. However, of any form the Republic Roman had its favor the fact to have established the legal equality between the free classrooms, and considered a new Senate as one of the basic institutions of the effective system, as well as the Popular Assemblies and the Magistracy, something unimaginable during the form of monarchic government.

In its workmanship Politics, Aristotle if worries about the happiness collective of the plis. In this manner, it is task of it, of the politics, to investigate and to discover which are the forms of government and the institutions capable to assure the collective happiness. It is treated, therefore, to investigate the constitution of the state. Plato, its workmanship Dialogues, in turn, believed that they existed the Prince