Defining Effective Goals

Today I want to share conustedes a presentation of a Conference which offered in the city of Bucaramanga, leave your valuable dispoiscion information to put it in practice. Thanks for following me. Do you feel really satisfied with yourself the place and the situation in which you find yourself today? The goals are those valuable tools that allow us to act in a constant and consistent with our mission. Goals help us make sense of our lives, and each person (each man and woman), is responsible for discovering, first, towards where go, which path to walk, for more later set goals that allow you to move, every day, in that direction; without deviating. Do people fear change known bad better, it is good to know that it is a procesode change? It is what happens remains to define what is your point B from point a to point B. However, set the B point. To which port you broadcast? In what sense can you will need to strengthen previous points? How would you you do change and that goals must set to strengthen your change process? What more you enjoy doing what would do if you were only 30 days of life? Imagine the most accurate soothsayer from around the world, called you today same and ensure you that you only have 30 days to enjoy your life, but that these 30 days live them with full health, what would you do? Then, what are the three things, the three activities that you dedicarias more time and more delivery, if just 30 days of life were you? As it would be a week in your life? Displayed as it would be a week of your life within two years. limit yourself to dream describe him as you would like to be remembered? Imagine that you are in a large room. .