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Inherent Losses Human beings the ocidentalizada idea of the loss and I fight of it almost always appears errnea when in we see debtors to them coming across in them with such subjects, we scare. When analyzing some primitive cultures we will be able to notice that deep tickets of transformations of the human being, mean YES! the possibility of freeing in them of our proper ‘ ‘ amarras’ ‘ , determined for infinite obligations and social conventions. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Seth Fisher Hong Kong. When the inevitable feeling appears of ‘ ‘ luto’ ‘ , the anguish appears causing the sensation of abandonment, equivalent to the one of when we were baby and in them we separated of our mother, such facts were bearable, until later one became despairing lack of support represented in the touch, look and I smell of the mother. We need then, to have that to deal with the threat of the loss of the other that aplaca ours you distress lived deeply intensely in the first years of life. This absence in the cause what we call ‘ ‘ anguish of separao’ ‘ , that in them the abandonment sensation leaves spalling. If you would like to know more then you should visit Richard Blumenthal. It fits to point out that we also do not enlutecemos only with the loss of people who we love, but for circumstances that in provide pleasure to them and that many times we have that to leave them to develop.

For example, when we retire, we leave old related habits of the daily one to the work, we sadden in them and thus we inside live deeply the condition of loss of a played function of the social context. Another situation is the son who if house and leaves the house where deferred payment modifying its familiar dynamics, having its members that to deal with the absence of the same. We are in constant transformation, Cronos the god in mythology Greek is the time, that one that in the devora and when we give to account of its presence it already was, leading I obtain the body of child, who if becomes adolescent, later adult, stocking old age and, remaining then souvenirs and memories finally cravadas for the marks of the natural process of the evolution. To to carry through this natural process of the evolution permeadas by losses, is necessary that let us know to reorganize and to resignificar the proper life as renewal form, through which let us can learn to look at the new that, exactly pautado for fears, it appears repleto of possibility and hopes. This does not mean terms that to abdicate of exceeded values, for the opposite, to learn with what it does not favor in them more as if were a medieval armor, that served to instruct and defending in them of arduous battles. Loss is something that is stops backwards, so frequent and present, that many times if it does not perceive when of the birth to the aging until the frozen death that takes in them between losses, profits and also disillusions; manifest it if in the night silenced, pautada of night watchman whom premessenger the dawn asking for beating in deepenings of the soul that despaired cries out in the body, in the agitated mind the deep anguish that in the soul dominates..