Champions League

Joan Laporta, President of FC Barcelona, Catalunya Radio, yesterday accused Real Madrid into allegations of doping to the cule players who performed the COPE: is clear that Real Madrid is behind the accusations of doping. First because the Messenger, has said it and second because Madrid has not filed any lawsuit against COPE, although they are still in time of apologizing. On the other hand, Laporta also gave his impressions about the attitude that has adopted the Catalan directive: what do the President and his Board is angry less and act more forcefully against those who slander to Barca. And that is against the COPE and the Madrid. It’s a shame that it is not tolerated.

The former President of the club thinks that Rosell Board should have acted more quickly to defend his players. If necessary, we will do it. But the judge had shown opposite and he changed his approach by pressures of the current Board, Laporta added in reference guarantees that he and seven of his executives must submit, Laporta said: already a few days ago, Mourinho responded to accusations made to the players of FC Barcelona: I do not understand, do not want to understand and have anger who understands for doping before the questions related with lasacusaciones by the Cope(con supuestas fuentes deel Real Madrid) string to Barca and Valencia of doping. But do not think that the technician has completely forgotten with the doping issue, since there is a video online of a match between Inter and Palermo when Mourinho was the coach of Inter in which we can see how the Portuguese makes a gesture with his hands simulating a prick, probably referring to its playersthat they would win by four goals. For its part, the current President of FC Barcelona, Sandro Rosell, said on March 19 that the club will not stop until you find Catalan primary responsibility of the insinuations of doping on the players. Rossell said: one thing is that someone complain for calendar issues, even if it is without arguments as demonstrated in Seville, or the arbitrators, also without any basis as seen today. But something very different are the calumnies.

When it is slander to our technicians, our players and our institution, linked to our players with doping, that is intolerable because it causes much damage to the Catalans. Here do not we go. Now, however, should focus on more important issues, such as the King’s Cup or the Champions League, in which FC Barcelona and Real Madrid may face. If you later and already thinking about coming to the Spanish capital or to the city of Barcelona to see possible matches of the two great of the Spanish League, look at apartments in Madrid or Barcelona apartments.