Big Lie Ethics

Here, you see the internal split between what is inside and what needs to be displayed outside. The son loves his father but not because it embraces must show that it is a real man. The woman has an opinion, but not obvious because he fears loneliness. For even more analysis, hear from Sen. Sherrod Brown. Generally, ethics has male characteristics, paternal. But in a particular way, in accordance with the mentality, the sensitivity of each people, ethics and morality can change their gender.) 10.La morality and purity are inter-conditional.

The lie can be ethical, but it is immoral on the other hand, there is a close relationship between morality and purity. Just as a person that has been washed to avoid contact with that spot, too, a moral person spontaneously or deliberately avoids what is impure. For example, lie not only adds more strength to the Big Lie on which we stand, but makes us more and more inept to see our true nature, the authenticity of our being and our destiny, the essence of things. Intellectually, the lie creates confusion, preventing the manifestation of intuition and telepathic ability. Affectively us from beings we are designed and introduces us to the world of ghosts. In terms of body, lungs, kidneys and spleen balance, sick the other organs, especially the heart. I speak here of patent liars, the mythomaniacs (mythomaniac = one who has the hobby / mind to believe and say myths that in the modern myths are considered lies, and mania = not concentration, but a sick obsession by, the word mythomaniac now has a pejorative meaning.) There then lies ethics practiced by the majority, but the validity of human / social is not universal.