Application Form

There is a service airlines surcharge Naturally, care for these children during the flight (but in each airline may have its own rules). This service is compulsory for children under 14 years old and for older children at will. But this is natural, everything is possible with the correct furnished documents (visa, permission from their parents, etc.), as the airline addresses the issue of who meets and accompanies the child. And a prerequisite flight must be straight, non-stop and even the arrival and departure not at night. Everything is resolved with the company for which purchase the ticket. Susan child from Ukraine 16 years unaccompanied by an adult will not be released.

Therefore it is necessary to communicate with the airline carrier. milyulya Thanks for the info. And on Visa will be affected (independent travel)? Or should a grandparent (who have a 5-year visa) to take the child to visit mother and aunt to bring then to Ukraine? In this case, the child filled in a separate Application Form and get a visa? Iconale As airlines – yes, such a service exists. Rebyatenka taken on arrival (for them separately, comes straight to the airport employee airline stewardess, or does it) is withdrawn at passport control. You have the same child at the invitation of flies? Power of Attorney for parental consent for child’s departure from the country also needed. milyulya child flies with a power of attorney to consent to the departure of both parents and with the visa in the travel document? I am interested in procedure for obtaining a visa for the child (15 years) is the same as for an adult? Iconale In general – yes.