Allview Has Officially Launched The Dual SIM Touch Screen F2 Crony Mobile

Allview has officially launched the dual SIM touch screen F2 crony cell phone main features launched as F2 crony has a 3 inch tactile screen, dimensions of 107 x 53 x 12. 5 mm, camera with Flash and via GPRS and EDGE Internet connection. More FA crony has an interface with 3 navigable virtual screens, which personalized can be using widgets. The interface is equipped with an interactive menu bar, which allows access to the important functions of the mobile phone. On mobile phones application code you adds function the function of copy / paste.

Using this function, you can introduce NEHA, phrases and words in other text modules. With regard to multimedia support has F2 crony FM radio, audio and video recording application, 3.2 MP camera with Flash and a media player that plays both the audio files and video files. The Bluetooth 2.0 A2DP function transmits audio signal of higher quality (stereo) to compatible devices. Also syncs via Bluetooth F2 crony the agenda, calendar, and tasks from the store with a synchronization server. F2 crony can connect Internet through the native browser via GPRS and EDGE.

Access to social networks and some applications such as Facebook, Twitter, the weather, Google enables application calendar, Flickr, Picasa, news, sports, games and Google search of pre-installed Snaptu, while the instant message service through the eBuddy application will be possible – which is compatible with AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, Google talk. F2 crony will offer direct access to Allview application store, century of games download free and useful programs where users can. The media files can be card of up to 16 GB stored in the internal memory or the micro SD. The phone is equipped with a battery of 900mAh. Thanks to the battery, the phone will assure a waiting period of 180 h and more than 240 minutes. Contact: Andra BLAJ, Manager public relations, Tel. 0040268 / 337 085 Allview mobile Romania: Allview is a Romanian company founded in 2002, manufacturers and distributor of dual-SIM mobile phones and electronic products. The Allview phones offer to call the possibilities of separation of the business meetings of the personal conversations or in different networks to lower costs. For more information, please visit our website at