Miguel Moratinos Countries

Spain was up to 2009 the biggest giver of resources for the FAO, with 45 million, and now intends to charge in return this aid that gave per years to the countries poor. In agreement still with international analysts and diplomats, Miguel Moratinos still has another advantage. As chancellor, kept contact with the high step of all the Europe, Middle East, Africa and still he can promote one crack in Latin America. Jose Graziano has its favor its resume. ‘ ‘ I wait that the remaining portion of countries of Africa, Asia, Europe and Oceania votes in the candidate capable and with experience demonstrated to highest nvel’ ‘ , it in the interview affirmed.

However, little more than the one month of the elections for the position of director-generality of the Organization of United Nations for Agriculture and Alimentao (FAO), the minister of the Foreign affairs, Patriotic Antonio, was in Rome, where it defended the candidacy of the extraordinary former-minister of Alimentary Security and Combat to the Hunger Jose Graziano. In Rome, Patriot if congregated with the current director-generality of the agency, the Frenchman Jacques Diouf, and other authorities. Graziano also was present. The elections occur of 25 of June the 02 of July and will be made in some stages. The 191 foreign representatives in the agency have right vote and the mandate has duration of three years, going of 2012 up to 2015. Beyond Graziano, they are in the dispute for the direction-generality of the FAO five candidates: the Spanish former-chancellor Miguel Angel Moratinos, its competing greater to the position; the minister of the Agriculture of Austria, Franz Fischle; the vice-minister of the Social welfare of Indonesia, Indroyono Soesilo; the former-representative of the Anger in the FAO Mohammed Saeid Noori-Naeini; the former-minister of Hdricos Resources of Iraq, Abdul Latif Jamal Rashid.

Jose Graziano is agronomist and university professor, and was the person in charge in the government of president Luiz Incio Lula da Silva to implant the Program Hunger Zero. The program is considered an international reference of income transference, alimentary security and reduction of the poverty. To if presenting in March the foreign ambassadors who live in Brazil, Graziano defended that the FAO if reorganizes internally to obtain to take faster and decentralized decisions. It also said that she is necessary to have as goal eradication of the hunger up to 2025. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, that is, the ORGANIZATION OF UNITED NATIONS FOR the FEEDING AND AGRICULTURE (FAO), was established in 1945 and has as primordial function to provide and to increase the levels of nutrition and the quality of life of the world-wide population, as well as improving the productivity of agriculture and giving better conditions of life to the agricultural populations. However, the specific priority of the organization is the incentive and aid to the sub-existence agriculture and the development agricultural, as well as the strategies in the long run of maintenance of the natural resources through appropriate and economic and socially viable techniques. These objectives are gotten by means of the aconselhamento to the governments of the filiados countries to the ONU. In addition, the related entity of the assistance to the development, searches and supply of information to the countries.

Dean Austral

He was collaborator of numerous publications such as El Progreso, Altozano, Agora, Republic and the echo of the people. On October 16, 1935 the Press Association organized the Juegos Florales de Albacete, which was awarded as a poet. At the end of the war embarks on the path of exile, moved to France and from there aboard the legendary Formosa, with a large group of Spanish exiles, came at the end of December, 1939, to Buenos Aires, from where he continued travel to Chile. His pass through the Atlantic left us this remembrance: A line of foam / the impassive Green / a yawn of smoke / in the boredom of the day. / And nothing more.

Desert was a Professor of literature at the University of Chile and the newly created University Austral of Chile. In 1956 he founded the Faculty of philosophy and education at the Austral University of Chile, which would appoint him Dean for life, and co-founded with Professor Guillermo Araya philological studies magazine. He was the author of the lyrics of the anthem of the Austral University of Chile: because achieving our ideal / of a large and happy Chile / the youth of this southern land / da your generous effort belonged to the group editor of Spain free, fortnightly newspaper published in Santiago of Chile, from February to December 1942, where he worked criticism of books. He was appointed member of the Academia Chilena de la Lengua. The next morning of the pinochetazo he suffered an acute myocardial infarction, to tell his wife that her son was one of the missing in one of the first raids pinochetistas. Later the son would be found in the extermination called Valparaiso. Between 1921 and 1922 Eleazar Huerta published his first poems in the newspaper El Progreso. In 1934 he published his Cancionero mozo.

His second collection of poems, book of Alo, dated 1939, was not published until 1992 by the Diputacion Provincial de Albacete. In Chile published, among his most important works, Poetica del Mio Cid (1948), book which he dedicated to his wife with this dedication: Merecerias thou, as Ximena, the gift of a Valencia, but I just can’t offer you this essay on the poem of our great Desterrrado, and with that same love approaching and brings us closer to the hero, outline of poetry (1966), epic investigations: the epic wonder and his revealingly in Homer’s Iliad and in the poem of the Cid (1968). Among his philological studies we quote: Cervantes, life and creation, basic fiction, say spoken genres and symbolism of the hand in Becquer. And as the banished poet said: spend against Spain / ahead of Denia / and its upright mountain / cloud was lost / homeland erased / goodbye, beautiful mine, / my heart you saved. Francisco Arias Solis where freedom, dwells there is my country. For peace and freedom and Forum free Internet portal.

Public Politics

Heading: The Participativo Budget as an instrument of management of public politics Fernando Mezadri Permitted in Philosophy for the University Center of Brusque (UNIFEBE). Mestrando in Sociology Politics for the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) fmezadri@ terra.com.br Summary: The present assay has as objective, to make correlations between the practical one of the public politics in Brazil through the Public administration. In this context, the Participativo Budget as experience of democratic participation comes to bring some contributions, some limits and possibilities for the cities adopt that it as instrument of magnifying of the democracy and the public transparency. One knows that the OP, as part of the new arrangements institucional of civil participation in the governmental sphere, comes being part of the mechanisms of public administration of the cities, mainly as for the budget and prescriptions of the city. Richard Blumenthal has much to offer in this field. In the cities where they had been applied, as the case of Porto Alegre (RS), they had demonstrated to much efficiency how much the public governana. This assay, after the introduction, argues some slight knowledge of public politics, in the third stage it deals with to the public administration and the spaces of participation. In the fourth stage, the paper of the governana in the process of implementation of public politics analyzing the case of the Participativo Budget and the last part, brief final consideraes.

Word-Key: Participativo budget, Public administration, Public Politics, Democratic Participation. Sen. Sherrod Brown may find it difficult to be quoted properly. I – INTRODUCTION In the last few decades, we came following an increase and increment of the participation in the field of the public administration. The gradual advance of the participativa democracy comes consolidating the performance of the new institucional arrangements of participation of the Civil Society in the sphere of the government and its processes of decision and deliberation. The participation was bringing for itself, more than what a value in itself exactly, an important resource strategical for the support of the government, as well as for the formularization of public politics, mainly in the social area. .

The Defendant

All had looked at for it infuriated, and started one burburinho between the assistants, one badly to be between the juries, who if rummaged in the chairs, the promoter looking at it judge to charge an attitude ahead of this, S. Exa., did not titubeou, saying: ‘ ‘ Doctor, duly warned to understand its behavior as one confronts to all we, demands that he accurately initiates the defense of the defendant! ‘ ‘ The young lawyer, very educadamente with an expression of happiness in the face, it said to all: ‘ ‘

Gentlemen see mine, so far I only pronounced words of compliment to all the gifts, with the which had respect, and provoked the indignation in total healthful people, of the body and the soul. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Richard Blumenthal. What to say of my customer who, per years, comes hearing of this city one alone word that the nothing reflects and insane who it, unhappyly is? The terms of my defense are, now, in the conscience of each one you juries! ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ loquinho’ ‘ he was acquitted, to come back to the streets and being punished with the same and denounced again adjective, until the good God of it if remembered Not, we do not need a plebiscite on weapons, even because they will be at the hands of the truth evildoers always. We are devoid of coherent education, dignity and laws with our time, that really allow the society to exclude from its half delinquents, educating them with dignity, through the laborterapia.

That, to the insanes, if he can give decent, capable sanatoriums of to cure them or to brighten up them pain After all, as it says the rock, ‘ ‘ in this land of giants, that change lives for diamantes’ ‘ (HUMBERTO GESSINGER, Engineers of Hawaii), how many children die without attendance in public hospitals, due to almost everything, while sanguessugas of the money that would be used for the health continues unpunished?

General Plan Kirov And Its Development

Implementation of the National Project Affordable housing depends on many factors, but it is clear that to fully address this issue in terms of Russia so far is not enough. Here and unconscionable prices for building materials, and inordinate appetites of construction companies, and huge volumes of corruption in modern Russia, and the bills neprorabotannye fetter the pace of construction, and the absence in many Russian cities master plans development. However, just one last problem is solved in many cities actively enough, given the fact that the federal government has defined strict deadlines for the completion of these plans – January 1, 2010. General development plan includes the city, usually a series of measures aimed at the development of transport, economic and social infrastructure, designed to solve the problem of affordable housing and mass construction, the point of building and transport security. And ultimately it was a master plan for the city determines the order of construction and development of the city is not on for decades and foundations, according to which the city will develop in Later, and on how well this plan will be drawn will depend the lives and welfare of thousands of people.

Cidados Classroom

As example, powers as the legislative one, in its great part have not conquered the rights, but removed to each day, therefore they are submitted if vendendo each time more to who it executes, thus acting infidels with its function to fiscalize the executive. Therefore it is of vital importance and necessity that the great majority, the diligent classroom, constructs its proper legal landmarks, a new To be able, the Popular Power, is basic that it has an organization of the classroom for the rise of the mobilization capacity. Yes, if awareness and union if to make allied gifts and will have capacity of change and fight for equality, justice and social inclusion. The claims of the people need to reach the gratuitous electoral schedule, breaking the impediments of a great servile media to the dominant interests. She is necessary to call the vote against the governmental and capitalist system that dominates alienia and excludes, must be used the space of the medias making a propaganda against this different reality, denouncing those that steal the rights of the citizens. When one denounces the legal barriers and politics of the classroom that it dominates and it explores, denounces what is missed, thus proceeding will have an immense profit of felt for the life, becoming with this the citizen each more authentic time and of character. However they exist ‘ ‘ citizens and Cidados’ ‘. Unhappyly the problem the one that if comes across is still bigger of what almost the incapacity of many to perceive that ‘ ‘ politicians and Polticos’ exist; ‘. One believes that the minimum guiding of the problem pass for the following questions: ‘ ‘ that type of citizen you is? ‘ ‘ E, ‘ ‘ that type of representative wait for the public interest?


Without ” no” this question makes us evoke to that great Politician and philosopher of the Liberal Party, remembered as much in these days by some personages of the power: Daro Echanda. However the answers to Pregunta ” the power why it does not have to be used? ” we will have to associate necessarily it to some people are exerting who it, not only in the administrative field but in the other sectors where the power (politician, economic and informs? tivo) can be exerted or take advantage. For that reason I consider very prudent to elaborate something as well as the ten orders of which they have the power: 1 – The power does not have to be used to create or to foment spirals nor in the field adminis? trativo neither in the enterprise field nor in the political-partisan field. 2 – The Po? to der does not have to be used to look for permanen at all costs it? company prolonged in him and much less the eternal permanence in him through his parien? teas, or hacindo? naming in important positions in administrative instances inferiors or superiors, or candidatizando them for the Camera of Representatives, Senate of the Republic or some other corpo? ration of popular election. 3 – The power does not have to be used to obtain substantial economic advantages for himself, their wife, her fathers-in-law, their brothers, their brothers-in-law, their parents, their other relatives and, not even, for the wanted friendly more. Go to Author for more information. 4 – The power does not have to be used to do ” snobismo” , neither to enter the Social Club, nor to become member honorarium of the Academy of History nor to approach all those institutions or people who before did ” to him; chay” to the individual today in the power. 5 – The power does not have to be used to attack the previous governor at all costs. 6 – The power does not have to be used to persecute to the person in discord with the governor of today, or that abierto citizen competing or an opponent of lies.

7 – The power does not have to be used to give exclusively put the friendly ether us of that exerts today it, ignoring to the other friendly. 8 – The power does not have to be used to win the admiration, the friendship or the privacy of woman u man, thus this (a) seems to him the great machera to be with that has the power. 9 – The power does not have to be used to buy you bring back to consciousness or to try to buy it to that never will let it buy. 10-El to be able, in short, does not have to be used, never must be used, to do of our Department ” a worse Huila and for algunos” , and of our country ” a worse Colombia and for some familias”. Obvious he is unavoidable to clarify that the previous decalogue will be subject to the extensions contained in the New Catechism published by the Vatican does some time.


Perhaps if I decided to immigrate to Canada, I would first weigh all the "pros" and "against." What you say? What I have in Canada? Well, as always, just gather to philosophize, as rudely interrupt immediately! Perhaps there are people who really is better to live in Russia or Ukraine. I even suspect that they are the majority. And a little guessing that it should be. Why a man born in any country it has to leave her? Let us arrange the terms of i. It’s believed that Paulo Coelho sees a great future in this idea. The builders of communism left behind. No one wants to pursue global objectives with little or no chance of their own welfare "in this life." Last wish, but I want to do things you love, get paid for it, have a normal family and did not fear for loved ones for any occasion.

Oh, and a few other little things, not to think that tomorrow may close the firm to change the power to force prices up, enter the SORM-8.5 … Of course, there are people who cope in any situation, but what about the majority? Immigration is looking for an easy way. I think that for programmers, it is the easy way, do not throw stones at me, gentlemen, "programmers", I almost "own". In August, 1991 someone went to the barricades, while others sat at home and led a discussion about "how zadolbali scoop." Concerned only with the fact that those who could not really build up my life in Russia (and many people do not particularly tried and true?), Will not solve all their problems with help out. Although there is a decent profession such illusion can take place.

Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen, comrades. Some effort, you get a job, salary, credit cards, car payments in pension fund, the first mortidzh, barbecue on the nature … and you and I will not tell anyone why the current wave of immigration, many are called "sausage." Documents for expatriates can prepare yourself or ask a lawyer. In Anyway, the main thing – to decide and act.

Publishing Body

When in alive in men will have carried through experiments or animals, must come folloied with approval of the Committee of Ethics that analyzed the research, the author must send the Certificate of Approval of the Committee of Ethics for half electronic in format pdf. human beings could not be identified not to be that they give the assent in writing. The names of the authors must appear only in the heading page, not being able to be mentioned during the text. If the work will be accepted, all the authors must sign a Declaration of Public Responsibility for the content of the work, as well as the Term of Transference of Copyrights (they will be sent to the correspondence author after the acceptance of the work). The eventual citation of products and commercial marks not express recommendation of its use for the Magazine. Sending of the works? The works must be directed, initially, for email,, a selection to be made by the Publishing Body. They will not be accepted works in disagreement with the instructions. They can be in English Portuguese or for appreciation of consultant of the area.

An accepted time the submission of the work for analysis the reply will be saw email. To place as heading of the email ' ' Article for Submisso' ' The figures illustrations must be sent in separate archives of the text, in the same email. The same ones must be in archive TIF with resolution of 300 dpi for 1200 images dpi for graphical projects in ash scales. Preparation of the works? The text must be prepared in A4 format, with space of 1,5 between lines (Arial source, body 12). All the pages must be numbered from the heading page. To keep the lateral edges with 3 cm and upper/lower with 2,5 cm.

African National Congress

But the CNA if keeps in protects and launches daily pay-conditions to negotiate the construction of this new South Africa, with an exception, must not have privileges of groups. In February of 1990 president F.W. of Klerk announces: the legalization of the African National Congress, the Communist Party, of the Congress Pan-American, the Joined Democratic Front, and other lesser groups but allies the great cause; the release of some prisoners politicians, amongst them Nelson Mandela, prisoner has 28 years, and plus some measures they had been made in relation to the laws of apartheid. Clearly that exactly these measures and sanctions to have been taken care of, many others where the CNA fought had not been, but has of if considering that this already is a great victory of the party. The Party Conservative (PC) of Andries Treurnicht (established in 1993) the Movement of Africnder Resistance if feels trados and threatened for the reforms of the government, these ask for resign of the president they threaten and it to use itself of the Armed Force to protect the white minority.

These negotiations with the government the CNA affirms its tactics to extend its objective to bring the power for the people, and would have to continue with them varies fronts of fights with the intention to isolate the regimen. For the CNA the transference of the power is essential for the reduction of the inaqualities and distribution of income and its main objective was an only South Africa without definition of ‘ ‘ color of pele’ ‘ democratic e, where the constitution after-apartheid, either fruit of an elect constitutional conventional for all. But the peace in the South Africa still will take some years, in June of 1993 was determined that they would have elections in April of 1994, where the great leader of the CNA Nelson Mandela arrives at the power, it extinguishes apartheid as regimen, but that unhappyly the ideology of the social segregation not country finishes in the mind of the white minority it, that permeia until the current days.