Department Owners

Partnerships are created on a voluntary basis, at general meetings of the inhabitants of the house (several houses). Homeowners Association is a nonprofit organization. They may do entrepreneurial activity, and all the profits to spend on maintenance and servicing of home and local area. Source: Department of Housing Policy and Housing Association of the City of Moscow homeowners – a nonprofit organization, the owners of the premises in an apartment house for the joint management of a complex real estate in an apartment house, to ensure operation this complex, possession, use, and the legislation within the general location of the property in an apartment house. Source: Portal Central Administrative District of Moscow homeowners recognized nonprofit organization, the owners of the premises in an apartment house for the joint management of a complex real estate in an apartment house, support the operation of this complex, possession, use and disposal of the legislation within the common property in the apartment house.

Charter homeowners adopted at a general meeting to be held in order established by Articles 45 – 48 lcd Russia, a majority of the total votes of owners of premises in an apartment house. Homeowners is a legal entity since its state registration. Homeowners have a seal bearing its name, bank account, other requisites of a legal entity. Source: Official Site of the St. Petersburg Administration Direct management of multi-family home Article 164. Direct management of apartment house owners of the premises in such a house 1. With the direct management of apartment house owners of the premises in such a home service contract for maintenance and (or) execution of works to repair the common property in a house with persons engaged in relevant activities, owners of premises in such a house to conclude Based on decisions of the general meeting referred to the owners.

Hill Patching

Profile – st. Red Hill – need to restore traffic lights and make patching roads; Junction Street. Red Hill – St. Miner – is necessary to make patching roads, install manholes in accordance with the gost, the intersection of ul. Red Hill – St. Co-operative – must be make patching roads, to equip the crosswalk in accordance with GOST; Stop “House of creativity for young technicians” – to build bus shelters, install traffic signs (5.16. “stopping place bus, 5.19.1, 5.19.2 “Crosswalk”) and apply road markings 1.14.1 and 1.17; Junction Street. Red Hill – St. Marketplace – necessary to make patching roads, install manholes in accordance with GOST; from st.

Cooperative to st. Marketplace on the street. Red Hill – need to make patching roads, clear the streets of dirt; stop “clinic” – need to build bus shelters, install traffic signs (5.16. “Stopping place bus, 5.19.1, 5.19.2 “Crosswalk”) and apply road markings 1.14.1 and 1.17, to make patching, barrier fencing and footpaths brought into conformity with GOST; Stop “GBSMP them. May 1 “- need to build bus shelters, install traffic signs (5.16. “Place bus stop, 5.19.1, 5.19.2” Crosswalk “) and road markings 1.14.1 and 1.17, to make patching, barrier fencing and footpaths lead to the result compliance with the guests. The route of public transport 2 “sh. Rostov – district of Culture: Stopping the “sh. Rostov – on the turning circle to expand and repair the roadway to the street. , st. Tram – it is necessary to repair the roadway to the street.

Federal Documentation

Case that establishment of such a hard and fast rules about what is not allowed transfer of land from one category to another, if it is contrary to the planning documentation, put the person concerned to complete dependence not from law but from the broad discretion of the official, his "goodwill". In this respect, completely paralyzing initiative owner, because She stumbles upon an express prohibition of law. At the same time, officials are not bound by these mandatory framework, as precisely in its power and is able to influence the policies of territorial planning and, consequently, to approve the application, pre-starting procedure for amending the planning documentation, or deny this, citing the parsed rule of law. The current edition of the aforementioned Act is replete with many such examples of corruption. Another interesting in this against the norm is the rule of determining the feasibility of changing the official category of land. That is not the owner determines how it is better to use land (ie, for any purposes), but for him it makes the authority. Naturally, such a condition on the feasibility and advisability of including the land for agricultural purposes within the boundaries of settlement, of course, also factor is prone to corruption legislation, because allows a subjective approach to the issue of changing the category of land. On the basis of duly approved documents of territorial planning (schemes of territorial planning, master plans) in order to place objects Capital construction, respectively, at the federal, regional or local significance is developed documentation of the planning area (planning documentation).

Workers’ Councils

Promote and articulate the various grassroots organizations of workers in each workplace in order to incorporate social control in managing the process of production and distribution of goods and services.. ” In short, these workers’ councils will take part in deciding the fate of companies and have the power to identify and participate in decisions that affect their operation by having access guaranteed by the law to all its administrative bodies. I refer to the accounting, payroll, vendor contracts, litigation, produce goods and quantity, price fixing, investment, closure or not the company and the very long etc. that minimally would frame all actions and daily functions of any enterprise. In short the workers’ councils, under the protection of this section of the law simply take direct control of companies deciding their fate and function, not to mention, of course, that will be in possession of sensitive and confidential information that will undoubtedly be channeled to the government who may use it as suits you at or under the circumstances that suit you best. The end of unions and free enterprise so hidden in the dazzling promise, others false, “socialization” of the economy, when in reality it is pure corporatism and anyone with a minimal notion of economic history knows terrible consequences of corporatism in Stalinist Russia and whether it requires a closer reference are examples of China and the “happy” Cuban workers whose needs are determined by the “brother” Fidel. As if this were not enough, there is another bill in the waiting list and special character, that is, to be approved by way of the Enabling Law, which raises the “creation of the Institute of Training School” Daniel de Leon ” , agency of the Ministry of People’s Power for Labor and Social Security, which will have as a fundamental element of four hours per week of training within the working day “…

Oil-Producing Countries

Similarly, oil-producing countries like Venezuela, Mexico and Brazil, also experienced a sharp decline in profits from the sale of crude oil, which also noted declines in international prices, details the academic. The collapse in the price of raw materials, also must add the child volume of Latin American exports to the United States and other countries, provides Victor Salas, professor of economics at the University of Santiago de Chile (USACH). Added to this is also, besides which one to trade dependency with the United States, as quoted by Guillermo Paraje, a professor of Business School of Universidad Adolfo Ibanez, Chile, Latin America has long been an imbalance that operates as a trigger poverty: the poor distribution of income. a For its part, Paraje notes that Latin America is the region with the worst income distribution in the world and the great inequality existing social and economic conditions affecting the population's access to education, training and specialization. In short, he says, a Oeno there are strategies to develop adequate human capital. In contrast, Latin America continues its focus on natural resource exploitation and when prices rise, so good, but when they fall the economies of the region suffer a lot.

Consequently, if the cake is badly divided and grows a little more over, many people will have starved . a According to Victor Salas, Chile, the level of unemployment for the first time in several years, reached double digits (10.8%) during the second quarter of 2009th . In fact, recently, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) warned in a report to the Government of Chile, the country was one that recorded the largest gap in wages, stating that 10% of segment rich population have incomes 29 times higher compared to 10% poorest.

Angel Ossorio

Angel Ossorio y Gallardo (1873-1946) "I am where I am, I do what I do and say what I say, I am what I have always been: a conservative. My fellow did not understand me ever. I have the hope that the performers understand me better now … being neither will ever be my co-religionists. "angel Ossorio y Gallardo. Time in Spain. THE VOICE OF A CONSERVATIVE Misunderstood The prestigious writer and essayist, lecturer and distinguished jurist bright Madrid Angel Ossorio y Gallardo, dean of the Bar Association and chairman of the Fiqh Academy and the University of Madrid, with its remarkable political career of her monarchical conservatism was Ambassador of the Republic, the stunning Republican exile and a minister without portfolio in the first government in exile, called the "government of hope", which was established in Mexico in the fall of 1945, under President Jose Giral , printed his autobiography The Spain of my life (1941). Soon after receiving asylum in the Argentina, a book which has been reissued later in Madrid with the title of my memoirs.

Angel Ossorio y Gallardo was born in Madrid on June 20, 1873 and died in Buenos Aires on May 19, 1946. He graduated in law at the Universidad Central de Madrid. Practiced law for over forty years. Conservative Party member, was a Member of Parliament for Caspe, Zaragoza, for over twenty years in a row. In July of 1909. the outbreak of the Tragic Week, was governor of Barcelona, and resigned, refusing to use the army to end the strike.

The Self

Hence the crisis of man, of thought, conscience. (Santillan 1996:12) Therefore, the Humanity is living this crisis in values, in which his consciousness is fragmented and is lost in the sense that it is driven by external things, not the inside. You could say that little reflects on what he really wants and needs man to be happy, values have appreciated very relative, the human sense has been lost and the subjects are not seen as such but as reproductive and competitive forces in an increasingly globalized world that requires more technological and scientific undertaking actions, ignoring the human side, this is no longer taken in many cases into account, since for the government authorities political, educational, business, individuals are the product of processes in place for them and what is important is what policies they establish. Under these circumstances it requires a change of consciousness in which man acts and relates to others, aware of the impact of his words, his actions should always be directed towards the good of what is the environment in which they live and let live..

Hurricane Recovery: Steps To Start Putting Your Life Back In Order

It seems unreal, another storm that hit Florida after experiencing four last year. The start of hurricane season, Floridians were beginning to move from the destructive events that caused many people and even stress, depression. As Hurricane Dennis comes ashore, the coming hours, days and months later, may be those of disbelief and shock. There are ways to help get one? S life back in order after such difficult situations. Express your emotions when you feel. If you feel compelled to mourn, give it.

It is likely that the healthiest things you can do for your body as it searches for a way to release the buildup of tension. Don? Do not be surprised, too, if you think your act together and then at the least expected moment, tears erupt again. Be kind and understanding with yourself whether others are or not. Talk about your feelings, worries and fears. Be honest.

Say out loud to your family, friends, boss and colleagues work. If you can not pronounce the word verbally, write in a letter. You might be surprised that others feel exactly like you, but were hesitant to express them. Get help immediately. Let your ego step forward. Don? T Keep yourself needs. Reduce stress as much as possible today. From a water bottle to an extension in the payment of a bill, register with FEMA, call your insurance company, and contact your creditors as soon as possible. How these things out of the way gives you more energy to tackle other things Accept help immediately. Now is not the moment of pride to stand in the road. Those who offer help are usually in a place to do it are, or likely would not have extended their invitation in the first place. Take them in your offer no excuses. Food, a place to stay, clothes, or transport back can leave you with less to worry about at this time. Concern about how to provide any recovery of this Later, when his life is in order. You will be in a better place to see their appreciation and could end up being more than necessary for its patrons anyway. Life after a traumatic event like a hurricane can be life changing so expect to spend some time before you feel well again. Remember that professional help is available free from the government, church and other charitable organizations in times like this. They were designed for moments like these. Copyright 2005 Kathy Iwanowski. All rights reserved. Kathy Iwanowski, a cancer nurse and former manager, creates art, speaks and writes about the creative life and work. She lives in Florida. His articles, editorials and commentaries on art, business, creativity, and nursing subjects have been published in newsletters, magazines and books in the United States.

Olympic Games

His speech to the country related to what Bush or McCain argue that the U.S. should do about Iraq: must not move from Afghanistan to ensure defeat al Qaeda and the Taliban no matter what and even if it means more and more resources. The issue was Iraq is something that France, Germany and Russia (the three great continental powers of Europe) demarcate the London-Washington axis. The trio did not support a war more calculated to the Middle East incendiary distracting the target to isolate Al Qaeda and not allow them to improve their investments in Iraq. The invasion, rather, he had lost certain contracts and concessions had to Saddam and that all reconstruction works were by American capital and to a much lesser extent, British. However, five years of the war in Iraq that issue is not as interesting observation.

In recent events in Paris, London and Washington are the same: to recognize Kosovo’s independence (although it enrage Russia, China, Spain and Serbia), more forces to Afghanistan, more harshly against Iran (turn that Sarkozy has made over the previous a moderation Chirac, more support for the Dalai Lama in Tibet. While Brown will get the leader of the Tibetan government in exile in London and the leader of the House of U.S. Representatives (Nancy Pelosi) has been to visit, Sarkozy is the world leader more than considering the possibility of boycotting the Olympic Games in China (although only was its inaugural meeting.) The hardness of Sarkozy to Beijing contrasts with the manner in which he received in Paris Libyan dictator Gaddafi (who thought NATO before his nemesis, range now occupied by Bin Laden) with whom he now France wants to encourage business and capture their petro-capital.