French and Foreigners

I speak my language, that is to say that of my mother, in her I am located and identified, I saw, I love and suffering “(2). Without denying the importance of the foreign population in the entire French population as actors in society, we do can not ignore the difficulties foreigners face the French administrative system. Studies by UNESCO in 1993 (3) on the topic of “immigration” noted that immigrants from Arab and Muslim are more marginalized than nationals in all sectors including the control measures adopted by the French Government concerning, for example, residence permits and regulation of nationality. Thus, no administrative structure has supported the issue of “integration” before 1966 when the government established the Directorate of Population and Migration at the Ministry of Social Affairs. It is clear that immigration and its problems have been misunderstood, and therefore poorly addressed during the long transition period (1945-1985). The problem of integration is now, after September 11 the point of conflict between a secular system and representations negative that the French vis-a-vis the Muslims and a current challenge of France. Accused of having both a job and be unemployed.

Immigrants from Arab-Muslim, seen as terrorists live in a hard, commitment to integration and rejection mixed with political speeches “racist” against a considerable migration realities and can quote the statement of Lepine ” I like the Algerians but at home. ” Regarding youth, the statistics from the National Center of French education in 2001 (4) found that immigrants were leaving the school system, aged 16-25 years are unemployed and unskilled, we are afraid to exclusion of this young population. After the banning of “Elhijab in France, secularism has become a pretext is not ideological in the strict sense of the word that translates into tolerance and freedom religious, a French Islam, imposed by the political system, combined with a strategy of inclusion of cultural values in an administration veiled by conflicting pressures. The decree, which has caused much ink, resulting in the abandonment of the majority of Muslim girls (70% of girls were excluded). Finally, another is to become a utopia and we can no longer ignore the need for a change of world view such a representation can be no reconciliation or conflict between cultures. Only the power of language allows the intermingling of cultures and respect for the values of others. The language is primarily a means of knowledge of each other and not an obstacle to the rights of each recommendation. “To rub and grind his brain against that of others and the asperities are dwindling.” (

Psychotic Dissociation

According to professionals in this field it is better to establish that the psychotic DISSOCIATION exists within mental disorders. Any professional in the area can tell, neither the ICD10 or DSM IV show that terminology, I insist, there is not even adequate. Looking for a popular analysis of this controversy over who is and who is not, since this word DISSOCIATION psychotic, is presented in the fore by the recent political developments given in the country, where they have encountered two dominant currents are known as:

Bolivarian government supporters and opposition or squalid, so it is considered that the creativity of both current, will have to emerge rather than endless words and contexts exist in reality or embodied in the major encyclopedias, as well as the to disseminate in their minds negative words and scenes that do not conform to reality, and that sense this guy manipulator achieves its purpose and causes the manipulated build around them or in their environment as well as that of his family ( if they fail to penetrate their minds), a virtual shell or dome, where their ideas or their environment with the public and private events of daily living, do not conform to reality, building a country or a world with real clear of the situation, since for these people where there is good for them is evil and if there is a good policy for them is bad policy and go up the experience of living in a country that is sinking into chaos or will always be looking for a negative situation such as: If the government proceeds with an operation of asphalt in their community, this individual and are living their own virtual country, always look best to see the bad side to this work , always seeking to discredit the government or looking for any failure as the exaggerated budget, low-grade materials, if the technicians are not indicated, that if the storm water run freely now and this may cause chaos: good in itself, will always be taking the opposite from what they believe is their enemy.

But anyway, this guy because his mind has been manipulated by subliminal messages which are used as weapons but are sostificadas, radio, television, print, billboard advertising or simply for communication between two people , achieving with this plant the most vile hate another human being, a hatred so extreme that the individual is capable of committing crime, since it is both unrealistic that the attack can reach people who do not carry the same thought or point view, injured, or verbal abuse at its finest using the misguided ideology of racism. And who is to blame for this situation?, They are just the media coup that daily bombard the Venezuelan embasurada its policy to try and show that the enemy is one and is the president of the republic or anyone who tries to undermine their heritage and are often ill-gotten.

Taking Responsibilty in Spain

In July Mora de Ebro fell from favor, which meant that the national right wing had already reached the conclusion that the Ebro Republicans were responsible for operations in the battle, Lieutenant Colonel Juan Modesto, decided that the battle was lost and ordered his units to cross the the river again in the opposite direction. On the 16th the iron bridge Flix (the most important access to the region) was blown up and on the 18th entered Ribarroja Yague de Ebro, last bridgehead Republicans. The Battle of the Ebro was over 4,500 dead in the national side, and between 10,000 and 15,000 in the Republican. Republican government forces were about to lose the war. The road to Catalonia last conflict zone, was discovered.

Then rush of recent events, falling on January 26 Barcelona and Girona on February 5. In successive dates, the national troops advance toward the French border and take the steps from Puigcerda to Portbou (Gerona).

The loss of Catalonia for the Republic meant total isolation from the French border and the painful loss of industry, raw materials and foods that contributed to the Republican war effort. In the area still lacked controlled everything and the inferiority of war was becoming clearer. Appeared the first acts of dissent within the Republic itself. In Madrid, that city unlikely for the hosts of Franco, the situation became untenable. The communists of Madrid began to prepare for the rumors of a possible betrayal of the People’s Army commanders, who had even contacted Franco was clear in its position: The cessation of hostilities was given without conditions.

Public Prosecutions

We would add that this struggle for preeminence, here known as the struggle for political power or dry it is permanent. Although from the very beginning of the emancipation process in 1810, tried to impose as a system of government opted for the English Industrial Revolution, the American emancipation and the French Revolution has been only since December 1983, the system has begun operating at full. Exceed the scope of this communication, the only report the occurrence of random and pre-traumatic situations. With the substantial institutional reforms introduced to the National Constitution in 1994, preceded in large part by reforms in the constitutions of several provinces, has been set to a constellation of public authorities, whose general ignorance leads us to the view expressed above negative value and that generates a kind of frustration that is almost an imperative to reverse.

Convinced of the need for strong disclosure of that constellation, again reiterated in these lines, starting with express synthetically: the constellation of government behavior: Division quadripartite powers (with the independence of Public Prosecutions), several political parties with the participation of minority and female quota internal as well as provincial autonomy, municipal and university. We tend to appeal to the image of a computer spreadsheet to illustrate photographically this constellation (which actually works in film or television, that is thirty (30) pictures / frames per second). In this grid, the vertical columns are located in the Five (5) public authorities, namely: The constituent, the Executive constituted, the legislature established, the court established, and formed Public Prosecutions (defender and prosecutor).