Worries Visitors

Rebanceira falling, weeds around of decrees, a true abandonment to the religious attractive greater of the Cear. Photo: Gerson of the ValleCanind has 113 km of $fortaleza, the city concentrates a great one numbers of worshippers whom decrees they visit it of San Francisco, monument that was inaugurated in 04 of April of 2005, in the government of Lcio Alcntara. Sacra is about the biggest image catholic of the world, with 30,25 meters of height. The religious tourism of the region had gained a great attraction for the city. Today, with only 06 years of its inauguration it decrees, offers it risk for that they go there to pay its promises and to visit that card postal, had until who said in the place, that the image could to come the low one, to fall down.

Backwater with coloration green-silt, possible criadouro of the mosquito of the affection. Photo: Gerson of the Valle With strong rains that had bathed the region in the last months, appeared a serious problem to entorno of the image; it does not have wall of containment, the water that is intent at one’s feet the image this dirty one, without the well-taken care of had ones, serving of criadouro for the mosquito of the affection, and what it is worse: according to photographers who work in the place, romeiros that they visit decree it exactly wash the face with the water that already presents a coloration green-silt, being guided of that the water this improper one. In the place, we harvest depositions of people who had not wanted to identify themselves, would dam from fear it; they had informed in them that the land already this falling down has some months and already caused accident in a romeiro. Same and still according to in agreement caught images; trees that had next to the monument, had fallen, due the erosion caused in the land where this stuck a decrees of San Francisco.