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The greenback’s trade today. The dollar remains in the range observed prominent The double action The economic data were left out, all focused on the rhetoric Night view It is estimated that the U.S. dollar back down, given the data to be published in the United States However, the ranges can be maintained for the Wednesday All times EASTERN (-4 GMT) 7:45 am, Plosser, a member of the FOMC, will speak 10:00 am USD Pending Home Sales m / m 10:35 am USD Crude Oil Inventories The USD ended the trading session in New York with mixed results, since the session was dominated by dual action, ie sales and purchases of American currency. It is noteworthy that the vast majority of stops were fired given the volatility in the market, however, all other currencies are kept within predetermined ranges during most of the day. The economic data released on days of the date no significant impact on the market, the vast majority operators are content to watch the reaction from world leaders for the purpose of restoring confidence in the financial system. Financial officers ended up meeting in Luxembourg, and made a political gesture to guarantee bank deposits up to an amount of 50,000 Euros, within the Euro Zone, but only as a step was not very significant. We can also say that the vast majority of operators are waiting for a cut in American interest rates, and may happen in the short term, even this week.