Understanding the Conceptual Realities

Happiness is the greatest achievement of man is the answer of his total personality to a productive orientation toward himself and toward the outside world. Eric Fromm There is a basic commitment to the development and training of new managers (especially for the case of Venezuela) to take into account the administrative insights that not only have been giving rise globally but in the current scenario facing the country. Obviously, there are many ideas, thoughts and tools of modern management science, however, this time we will stop in which I consider most important, according to my perception as a teacher and consultant business adviser. There is no denying that the individual performance is only partially a function of ideas, knowledge and skills of a person. In other words, organizational effectiveness depends not only on individual skills, but as they are linked. To deepen your understanding Suffolk County Rep. is the source.

With the formation of electrically efficient, cohesive, integrated. We must wake up in the manager and in their human resources the importance of forming teams, bringing together people with skills with unique capabilities, willingness to collaborate, work together, to use their talent, creativity, decision making, discuss, modern labor relations and review how well it functions is defined with the realities of the moment. Modern Management, knows that computer training is an effort to deal directly with the problem of organizational climate. Hence the importance of encouraging that the basic strategy of teaming is to work with existing teams at all levels, including workers without supervisory position to achieve the goal of developing a process to help drive work to diagnose problems, plan how to address them and make these plans efficiently and quickly. It is necessary therefore to increase the knowledge and understanding by the administrator (manager) of the administrative relationships, introducing a series of related ideas those factors that tend to restrict or enhance effective interpersonal relationships. Another important topic to consider is that of power in organizations, in this regard, Larry E Greing yVirginia Schein E (1990) says that the key to understanding the power within organizations is to recognize that all forms of organization behavior politics is an undeniable reality. This means accepting the power as natural and necessary for decision making, regardless of the formal structure given. The student of organizational development and organizational behavior, you know, that the rotting bases are composed of unique resources upon which tiemne control manager.

These terms determine the power strategies that are available to influence others, for example, can not pay more money to someone but it has a power base that controls the financial resources. Without power base is little that can be done to influence others, and with unlimited databases may have a narrow selection of power strategies. their well-being and not his own, besides that they perceive that the leader has a genuine interest and appreciation of significant approaches: the leader of his people excited because through the objectives, manages employees to find satisfaction and meaning excellence. Passion, is said to have dedication, commitment: We must not forget that to achieve excellence in organizations is a basic individual excellence.