Many people wonder what is Twitter, what is used and how they have to use it, and it is a question difficult to answer, because Twitter is used practically what you want, and depending on what you want you have to use it in a way or another. Twitter is not neither more nor less than a platform in the network, which serves to make people communicate and relate it between her through text messages of 140 characters. This, at first glance seems to be something very limited, because not you can hang pictures or videos of graphically as you can do on Facebook, but has the advantage of simplicity, plus many features that don’t have Facebook. It is something very similar to what we do in real life, when we have a conversation with someone. One of the advantages of Twitter is that he lets you follow anyone who is of interest to you, unless you know her personally and without having her follow you to you.

Similarly, anyone can follow your postings unless you have to follow it if you’re not interested. This is one of the main differences with Facebook, to follow someone you have to know it or ask for permission by adding to your friends. To explain its operation, we will give an example of how what you would do in real life. This, although Twitter doesn’t work quite the same, if it bears many similarities. Imagine that you are at a public event where there are a lot of people, an inauguration, a party, a celebration, etc.

The first thing you do is look to famous people and engage in conversation with her. You speak of topics of your interest, from what you’ve taken this morning, of the school of your children, politics, sports, etc. It is very possible that someone join your conversation, you know it or not, or that you join one because you hear that they talk about a topic that interests you.