Military Question

Something of easy assimilation was necessary. The search for a collective identity for the country, of a base for the construction of the nation, passed for the origin myth (that politicians are found in the birth not only of regimes, but of nations, peoples, tribes etc). This myth is a version real or imagined that it has the objective to give sensible and/or to enaltecer dominant the winning group/. How much to this part, the great fight was around the paper that each personage played in the announcement. The competitors were: Deodoro of the Fonseca, the proclamador of the republic. With it, the 15 of November if transform into the final act of the Military Question. Its leadership would have been basic for the victory propagandist civilian was accurately its limitation.

That nations also does not have a civic hero? Ahead of the difficulties in promoting the protagonists of the announcement to the heroic status, it was necessary to appeal to a figure longnqua, that if it showed, to the few, a good personage for the paper Tiradentes. The comparisons with the figure of Jesus Christ and its souvenirs as mrtir that died for a triple dream independence, abolition and republic -, had made of it the main republican hero. The competing right-handers of this figure the leaders of the republic farroupilha and the Confederation of the Equator (Blessed Gonalves and other Frei Mug) had not arrived to make front the 2 second lieutenant. How much to this, it seems that the geographic factor helped Tiradentes. The peripheral localization of> the flags and hymns. The first one had evident victory of the positivistas, Expresses in the phrase order and progress republican. The efforts to create imaginary a popular republican had failed.

The points that had had success if had much more to the weight of the tradition, imperial or religious. One of the great barriers was the lack of envolvement of the people in the implantation of the new regimen. The republican symbologies had not found roots in the people.