The Politics of Fear

Hence the questions arise like: Why should I speak now of what happened in my childhood? It is better (more comfortable) to keep forever secret. So we avoid giving any explanation. But the correct answer is that, if it is appropriate to speak because that is what will benefit. Maybe not an immediate, but the best things in life take time. What then prevents us from doing the right thing? Fear.

And excuse that is decorated with all sorts of arguments to hide that fear can be, for example, would cause pain to others, when in fact, than it is in the background is the fear that causes us to face our reality since it is known to all. Pain exists, we know, and it is our duty to rid the pain of all mankind. It is an absurdity, pain is part of our existence and the obsession to avoid at all costs, paradoxically, more pain is what we will produce long-term. This is not about inflicting pain free, which would lead to other problems, but to follow the natural course of events and the needs we all have. What is at stake is the courage to be able to tell the truth and the consequences. We have ours and others theirs.

This is our work and the way to a happier existence, in contrast to the silence and secrecy. And that goes for everyone. Fear also addresses other aspects of our lives beyond personal or family conflicts that I have given. Without going any further, in our working lives, to take another example, it is possible that we remain wedded to our current jobs for fear of being fired and end up worse than we are, when maybe we could succeed elsewhere or would even perfectly able to climb that our current job. Is simply a matter of attitude. Or handle the fear or let us handle it. If we focus on another aspect of our reality, and now I’m thinking in politics, we see the same thing happens on a large scale, particularly at election time.

In this scenario we can see a complete and blatant abuse of fear as a tool to convince undecided voters more or less discretion. One need only listen for a while to see that any political party will talk about its virtues if elected, the same will not tire of reminding us how bad and dangerous it can be for our interests to win the match otherwise. Any student of history and prehistory of the human being knows that fear is and has been an important element for our survival. Without fear we would have perhaps already extinct. But fear is also a very powerful tool that we manage for our own benefit, otherwise there are those who do it for us. Although it is a touchy subject and could hurt more than a sensitivity and fear have driven for excellence from the beginning of time almost all religions. This is a case in which everyone does their choice and that arguments could be used for other things do not work on them. Faith and reason can not cope, living at different levels. I’ve always found that the trend is more in “I’ll be good” to not go to hell “I’ll be good” to go to heaven.