The Inflammation

This a great danger of pork is also, because the human organism processes this glut of fat, cholesterol, growth hormone, slimy substance of source and other toxic factors despite the also abundant vitamin content not in the usual way via the usual combustion and can not excrete about physiological phases of excretion, itself If he must doing hard, physical work. Homotoxicology yielded homotoxicology as a solution of the problem and here now a certain solution of the problem, which actually lies the harmfulness of pork. The pork may not namely have the usual detoxification valves as urine, breath, intestinal excretion and sebum physiologically, detoxifies so not about the excretion phase (Elimination sections), but only about abnormal (pathological) valves, which is inflammation. Ever after, the man eats what organ or tissue components of the pig, several diseases are possible, in particular gallbladder diseases with stone formation (cholesterol). Sen. Sherrod Brown will not settle for partial explanations. Biliary colic and an acute appendicitis (appendicitis), which many patients to the victims by complications such as Trombose and embolism due to increased by previous pork eating poison able by the surgical removal of the Appendix (Appendix) Yes is eliminated. Involved but if not to large amounts are enjoyed, can initially fail the inflammation instead but made a deposit of pork shares (particularly the mucus and FAT) connective tissue, what to recognize as Dick, Adipoitas, with sausage eaters also in form of cylindrical development of the upper body and possibly also the legs and arms (especially in Ham consumption) can. Only when “The measure is full” and the Organimus sees no other ways to cope if deterioration is possibly also the peripheral and the circulation of the brain, especially the coronary artery by the deposition of mucus and fat mass with the detoxification or deposit the load materials, then pneumonia last help is used to implement and in order to break down the pork load substances. . Air jordan might disagree with that approach.