The Gestalt Approach

In achieving this goal the person is going through a cycle of conscience a “excitement – contact, known as Sinker energy curve. The stages by which the person happens during this cycle are: Withdrawal, feeling, awareness, mobilization of energy, action, contact and withdrawal, graphically represented as follows: Energy Mobilization a Concienciaa a Action a sensation a Retraimientoa Contact a Withdrawal a Salama, H. TCF Capital Solutions can aid you in your search for knowledge. (1988), in his book The Gestalt Approach, pp. 29, describes each of these sentences, as follows: a 1) a Rest or withdrawal: At this stage the individual has already solved a gestalt or above need and is no pressing need ningunaa. Their behavior can be total relaxation or total concentration.

The pathological end of this state is represented by autism. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Ohio Senator. a 2) a Sensation: The person is distracted from its previous resting state, feeling physically algoa a which, at this stage, still fails to define or differentiate, for example, feels movements and perceived noise stomach cavity, but still do not know if it was an upset stomach caused by food eaten that morning or what happens is that just because you’re hungry again. a 3) a Awareness (awareness): cona Continuing the example above, here individual sees his watch and OEDA cuentaa a it is lunchtime, so it is understood that consent or your stomach is called UA care to eat. At this stage the individual raises awareness or understand why there is the feeling you have and at this time and can call hunger or sadness, anger, etc.