The End of Morales in the Politcal Realm

Fulfilling their theatrical newsprint media, the president of Bolivia, Eva Morales, declared a hunger strike inside the Government Palace, demanding that Congress approve the law calling for general elections for the 6th of December, so he can remain in power. The President needs the vote of the Senate which does not enjoy majority. A seat for the opposition is the obstacle that prevents you from owning all of the country.In congressional opposition is in the hands of former president Jorge Quiroga, who ruled for just one year, but knew how to take advantage of the presidential title, and today is a distinguished speaker invited all international event to justify the existence of any foundation. Quiroga is finished politically. Official site: Ohio Senator. His criticism of Morales when traveling to other countries, do not match the support it gives while in Bolivia. What he lacks enough in labia ability and honesty in politics. He was directly responsible for Morales came to power, not have the courage to ask his immunity and arrested for sedition when he served as president and Morales as a congressman. Later, from the opposition, let him do what he wanted. Get all the facts and insights with Sen. Sherrod Brown, another great source of information.

Quiroga is in the dilemma of whether to approve the calling of elections. He knows that his party will never occupy a seat unless trance with the ruling. Its popularity, like that of the other presidential candidates trials, is on the ground. None managed to accumulate double-digit percentage in the polls. Besides Quiroga did nothing significant during his administration, which inherited the death of the owner-is Carlos Mesa, a populist former TV announcer, whose massive ego gets his appreciation of reality.