The Democratic Party

After which this conflict emancipated to the Afro-American ones, these tended to alienate themselves with the republicans. The Democratic Party sinks its roots in the movement that Thomas Jefferson created in the 1790 s and in the governments who had the USA between 1801 and 1841. Although he had a rhetoric against the aristocracy and in favor of the Irish farmers, workers and immigrants, the democrats impelled wars against Mexico and the Indians. In the question of the slavery they tolerated this one in the south and when the civil war exploded many of their sectors did not want to fight in the abolicionista side. The main member of this party was the solid south. Nevertheless, the northeast has happened to be the bastion of the republicans to become the one of the democrats. With the social reforms of Franklin D. Roosvelt (President in 1933-45) and the support to the civil rights with the governments of John Kennedy and Lyndon B.

the Johnsons (1961-69) the Afro-American ones were emigrating from the republicanism towards the democrats, to point that today they are the race that more mainly supports to them. Nevertheless, that turn went alienating to the white conservatives of the south the same that would be separated from the democrats and who have caused that today the south is republican. In last presidential Bush it won widely in all the southern States. Utah is the State that today gives the best electoral percentage to the republicanism whereas mormones that dominates to him is the religion that has more identified with Reagan and Bush. The republicans have been replaced themselves like one of the most preservative parties of the world, whereas the democrats, who initially were to their right, for almost a century are located to left his to him. In external policy the republicans they have stopped being abierta house to the anti-interventionists (like whom they were against to participate in the two world wars) to become paladines of unilateral military interventionism.