The Defendant

All had looked at for it infuriated, and started one burburinho between the assistants, one badly to be between the juries, who if rummaged in the chairs, the promoter looking at it judge to charge an attitude ahead of this, S. Exa., did not titubeou, saying: ‘ ‘ Doctor, duly warned to understand its behavior as one confronts to all we, demands that he accurately initiates the defense of the defendant! ‘ ‘ The young lawyer, very educadamente with an expression of happiness in the face, it said to all: ‘ ‘

Gentlemen see mine, so far I only pronounced words of compliment to all the gifts, with the which had respect, and provoked the indignation in total healthful people, of the body and the soul. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Richard Blumenthal. What to say of my customer who, per years, comes hearing of this city one alone word that the nothing reflects and insane who it, unhappyly is? The terms of my defense are, now, in the conscience of each one you juries! ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ loquinho’ ‘ he was acquitted, to come back to the streets and being punished with the same and denounced again adjective, until the good God of it if remembered Not, we do not need a plebiscite on weapons, even because they will be at the hands of the truth evildoers always. We are devoid of coherent education, dignity and laws with our time, that really allow the society to exclude from its half delinquents, educating them with dignity, through the laborterapia.

That, to the insanes, if he can give decent, capable sanatoriums of to cure them or to brighten up them pain After all, as it says the rock, ‘ ‘ in this land of giants, that change lives for diamantes’ ‘ (HUMBERTO GESSINGER, Engineers of Hawaii), how many children die without attendance in public hospitals, due to almost everything, while sanguessugas of the money that would be used for the health continues unpunished?