The Campaign to Succeed

The excellent campaign being undertaken by the FC Barcelona, in the absence of a party to complete half of the league, it takes twelve points to the second, having lost only the first match (ie has not lost in league since 31 August), makes us wonder what are the keys to its success. The style of Pep Pep Guardiola was a player with style, class, worked to spread the game. Besides showing and demonstrating ways now as a coach: humility, education, respect for the opponent, but this, of course, tempered by the ambition of winning. As a coach is demonstrating that knows how to apply these qualities to your computer, and has managed to put together a star cast of world class players from the quarry, which everyone knows the role it plays great and runs (almost) perfection. Is it possible to extrapolate this to the business world? Of course, if we analyze the case we can see reflected Guardiola clear parallels with the management of an enterprise: In this case, it is an employee of a lifetime (although part of his career was out), who knows the company inside out, and therefore their culture.

Has managed to express a vision and mission, and players know what they have to do to realize the strategy. And of course, as usual in the world of football, and not in the company, know your opponents, and himself, uncertain about his SWOT matrix and positioning, and learn from best practices of competition ( benchmarking). This collection allows you to improve performance, the productivity of its management unit, and therefore the results (note the completely different results sometimes get a coach over another having the same computer). Also promotes the quarry, providing a career plan (this is not only merit of Guardiola, but is keeping politics for many years the club, and it has allowed the great players at a reduced cost.)