Technological Engineering

Here it is the main projects in progress in the Net of Technological Schools: IFPA: accord for offers of course of specialization in PROEJA for professors of the Technological Net of Education. For being this a peculiar field of knowledge, the PROEJA demands that if it has implanted one specific politics for the formation of professors stops in it acting, a time that has significant lack in the superior teaching of a solid continued formation of professors to act in this sphere; IFT (Instituto Tropical Forest): Qualification and Training in Forest handling for the learning of the Net of Technological Schools to improve the knowledge and to provide practical experiences to the learning. Amongst the mentioned projects, diverse projects elaborated for the learning of the Net of Technological Schools with participation in events of regional, national and international projection exist with support of the COEP/SEDUC, stimulating the intellectual production in the schools. PIBIC JR: Program of Stock markets of Scientific Initiation Jnior to finance pupils of Average Level during the accomplishment of a research project; The importance for the pupils of the Net of Technological Schools is the direct envolvement with scientific experiences added to other initiatives of social inclusion, beyond living deeply experiences is of the classroom and to collaborate with the construction of new a discovery. FEBRACE: Brazilian fair of Sciences and Engineering, with objective to stimulate new professional options in Sciences and Engineering by means of the development of creative and innovative projects, approaching the public and private schools of the Universities for one better understanding of the papers of the Universities in Education, Research, Culture and Extension. The FEBRACE finishes exerting influence in the decision of the choice of the profession. It is a field of experimentation of the abilities of the learning and also a way of contact with people who can help to grow, as the proper appraisers, for example, that they talk very with expositors. . Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Richard Blumenthal.