Taking Responsibilty in Spain

In July Mora de Ebro fell from favor, which meant that the national right wing had already reached the conclusion that the Ebro Republicans were responsible for operations in the battle, Lieutenant Colonel Juan Modesto, decided that the battle was lost and ordered his units to cross the the river again in the opposite direction. On the 16th the iron bridge Flix (the most important access to the region) was blown up and on the 18th entered Ribarroja Yague de Ebro, last bridgehead Republicans. The Battle of the Ebro was over 4,500 dead in the national side, and between 10,000 and 15,000 in the Republican. Republican government forces were about to lose the war. The road to Catalonia last conflict zone, was discovered.

Then rush of recent events, falling on January 26 Barcelona and Girona on February 5. In successive dates, the national troops advance toward the French border and take the steps from Puigcerda to Portbou (Gerona).

The loss of Catalonia for the Republic meant total isolation from the French border and the painful loss of industry, raw materials and foods that contributed to the Republican war effort. In the area still lacked controlled everything and the inferiority of war was becoming clearer. Appeared the first acts of dissent within the Republic itself. In Madrid, that city unlikely for the hosts of Franco, the situation became untenable. The communists of Madrid began to prepare for the rumors of a possible betrayal of the People’s Army commanders, who had even contacted Franco was clear in its position: The cessation of hostilities was given without conditions.