Smoke, smoke, smoke that smoke here! Probably few of us did not pay attention to the exhaust of our "iron horse." Remember how the old-timers, looking at the exhaust, just put the diagnosis. Let us, and we try to understand what, how and why. That proceed. We are on a normal service station, which in any metropolitan area in hundreds. Wizards – "golden" arm for their lives have touched so many motors, faced with so many problems and how they can not trust Well, what the diagnosis will deliver the service our car? Motor gasoline in our cars, run about one hundred sixty thousand.

Approached a mechanic, not asking about our problems, once said – you have a problem with head gasket, if you're lucky. And if no luck? – We asked. And if not, you'll need to change and head! But how can you that we want to breed? Further, as the saying went untranslatable play on words, through the forty minutes we calmed down, apologized and learned a lot of useful information. Oh, this Smoke! First on our cars. The mechanic brought us to the exhaust pipe, look – blue smoke, smekay, and here and moisture! Blue smoke, plus intense moisture release speaks of liquid has been spilled from the cooling circuit (coolant) in a cell combustion causes can be many, the experience of the most common – damaging head gasket. White smoke – exhaust serviceable cold engine (motor). particularly noticeable in cold weather. Black smoke – says very rich mixture, the main reason properly regulated injection system, carburetor. Blue smoke – caused by getting into the combustion chambers of the oil. Depending on the duration of: – a permanent smoke – need repair piston group – short-term smoke – Wear valve stem seals.