North American Europe

Then, the reaffirmation of the existing thing with or accomplishment of operations of defense was or within its territory, already seen in Afghanistan. Really, a delayed recognition of the reality of the present world where the tendency is to the constitution of a supranational police, not without maintaining the reserves with Turkey, an old European vice that does not finish including/understanding that is the key point of the world in formation. The German insistence on the unnecessary thing of the nuclear dissuasion finds in Paris his more fierce opponent, because Paris does not want to resign to its own arsenal and less to enter the thesis of which the intention of the allies is a world without this type of arms. A contradiction when one admits that already the military power is not the key point of the conformation of a real power. In fact, Europe does not increase its expenses of defense, rather tends to congeal them, in spite of its armament industry that once finds exit towards the calls countries of the Third World and towards their own members, being immoral in the case of Greece and Turkey.

We find the report of the preservative Council of Relations Exteriors European (ECRF) of October of 2010 where one considers that Europe will stop being single-pole and that the security will happen through a EU-Russia-Turkey triangle. In summary, a marginalisation from Europe when being reduced considers its paper only of company in which we create last North American combat operations as it is it Afghanistan due to the reaches of the Russian-American understanding and to the delayed European recognition of the existence of a very different world. Others speak of an axis Paris-Berlin-Moscow, in which I do not create have any interest the Russians, totally integrated to the international community and a more and more deep understanding with the United States.

The State Neoliberal Bourgeois Is Not Democracy

A delinquent and a writer Exist in my retina a very recent memory, the one of a distinguished writer of net Creole origin that desgaitaba to beating jaw in the reception of its prize. He spoke of kindness to which wrongly he denominated like democracy. But also the daughter of a delinquent and genocida protects itself in the same to make believe the town that has defended the rights of the voters in all circumstance in that this one was put under in the stage that I am called on to him to govern the delinquent who is his father. All protect in the word Democracy to justify their crimes and to make them less visible, according to them, but the unique thing who do is to hide them in temporary form so far. The worse thing is the cynicism than it presents/displays the daughter of the delinquent, when affirming that his Father, is not it. Reason why we asked ourselves: Who were the executors of thousands of deaths of young people, women, like those young students of the University who were thrown by the Military, from the helicopters that all with the payment of our taxes that we paid, used the criminals stops to make cash the order of its masters, as they are Alberto Wild Fujimori and Vladimiro. Classic the Greeks speak to us that the democracy is the government of the majorities in the public thing, for which is needed indeed in the cities of a space that is emptiness for the discussion of the public thing, but that means that he is empty? The emptiness implies neither the military threat, nor the nun nor the one of the economic power. If it is thus. As we can explain the series of legislative decrees that protect the use of the troops when a town rises to protest by its right to that it is not contaminated his territories to him.