Internet Blog

In Russia they have a million. They are celebrities and pop scene multibillionaire. There is a Madonna, Donald Trump and Igor Mann and Microsoft. This is a blog, or personal diaries – a powerful tool in the internet PR. Today clearly the trend of reality shows. They are so popular. Finally, humanity has received is for all the time than the hunted. Everyone wanted to spy and eavesdrop.

Know all the time little more than normal. Many are interested in personal lives of public people. Several years ago, the Internet has become popular to their journals in the clear. A little later, it caused just explosive interest among the Internet audience. This sign was name – the blog.

It became possible to exchange views, make comments, was even invented a special method of delivery of updates – Technology rss. Over time, blogs have become a real epidemic, they began to appear on all possible topics. People began to integrate blogs into communities of interest. The study conducted by Yandex last week shows 65 people on Earth have a blog. In Russia, some 700 000 are blogging. Starting as a simple story about blogs have evolved into small media. They just become fashionable to carry. Now blogs are divided by categories. In this article we are interested in business blogging, share, incidentally, is 18%. A rather, we are interested in the phenomenon as a corporate blog. Corporate blog – a diary of when she talks about her "unofficial" life, so to speak; news without a tie. It is a way to talk in a friendly way with villages with their client site, without disturbing the overall presentation. The most surprising and engaging corporate blog has become a diary of Syktyvkar entrepreneur Fyodor Ovchinnikov. The man is completely describes how he developed your business – as he took a loan, which proceeds received, what problems were, where he opened a new store. This blog, along with its author became wildly popular. Last week he appeared on the cover of the magazine "Russian Reporter", and this is it not the first appearance in magazines. Do not think that blogs – the lot of small companies. Caliber nothing to do with the company, it all depends on transparency of business. His blog is at Yandex ( / blog /), pr-agentsva PR-Partner (, Microsoft (More than a thousand blogs around the old quarter), Google etc.