Creumir War the AMBASSADOR OF the BAR OF the Z OF the LOTTERY IN BOSTON our region was famous for sending a legion of ambassadors and diplomats for the region of Boston-HARM-U.S.A. It did not have a family at least that she did not have its representative in foreign lands. One of my uncles, who until today inhabit in the St. Saratoga, East Boston, also were ordered as Honorary Consul of the Bar of the Z of the Lottery. In the year of 2001 I was until Boston and of I was there with my uncle until the Martha' s Vineyard. It revealed recent in the place and had difficulties with the language. He was walking for there and here, one in such a way lost one between Oak Bluffs and Edgartown.

Suddenly a police viatura appears in its back it orders and it to lean. Josemar Gonalves, the man trembled equal green pole. The guard said a thing and it she understood other completely different. It thought the obvious one, the policeman must this wanting the wallet of qualification and documents of the vehicle. When the face is matuto of the interior if it sees soon. The nervousness was as much that its document wallet, that it believed that was in the pocket, it disappeared. I confess that I do not know in fact what occurred, but it had seated on of the wallet and this had looked a skill to hide, why also it feared that it was apprehended, this in reason of its originalidade.

The guard ordered that it calmed itself and that he postasse himself of the side of it are of the car. Of face the vehicle was with the won annual inspection. Already in foot my uncle saw that the wallet was amoitada in its back part and it presented the man of the law. Today I think that we were set free when the policeman saw the size of the belly of the wife of my uncle, who to the time was pregnate of twin. I not its if the Jackson Cardoso, owner of the car, took already it for the inspection. You find that my uncle took emendation? Clearly that not. Passed a time it was passing through for the avenues of Boston and a vehicle was walking to devagar in its front. Nervosinho of my uncle pointed the finger with respect to the occupants of the other propagates, showing that the lerdos would have to be in the track of the left. The car blinked equal tree of Christmas and the men had ordered that it stopped. One of them asked to my uncle if it was with some problem (what' s the problem). That one that little was all full of reason, moved of the water for the wine. It lowered the head and it answered: I have problem in it, to sir.