Brazilian Election

Repetitive and vocs taste of to be readers cannot help me not to be, ordering its histories also. God allowing, this day of chronicles will be long, after all the Pantry of the World, in Brazil, will be in 2014. But we go to the other interesting history of 0x0 of Brazil in Pantries. If first 0x0 of the history of the Pantries was between Brazil and England, in 58, our Election entered, in another one ties up to without gols, that if it became description, in 1994, on the first time that the decision of a world-wide one was in the maximum penalties. In 17 of July of 94, Brazil entered in field to make its 73 left in Pantries. It was its fifth decision of headings, gains 3 (58,62 and 70) and loses 1 (50). The adversary was Italy, known ' ' Azzurra' ' , that it would also make its fifth decision and, equally to Brazil, gains 3 (34,38 and 82) and loses 1 (70). If in 70, Brazilians and Italians they were bichampion and the heading would give the goblet (Jules Rimet) in definitive for one of the elections, in 94, both (and more Germany) they were tricampees and then the first tetracampeo of the world would be known.

It had passed 24 years since the last heading conquered for ours ' ' Canarinho&#039 election; ' in Pantries (tri of 70, in Mexico, cons the Italians), but ' ' Azzurra' ' it had been, 12 years before, in 82, in Spain, the spine in the throat of the fantastic Election mounted for Tel Santana, with Zico, Scrates, Hawk, der and as much others craques. With 3 gols of Paolo Rossi, the Italians had taken off that team wonderful, in fourth of ends of the Pantry, when all bet that nobody would take off the heading of Brazil. In 94, revanche was the possibility of one, but with a Brazilian Election well more modest, with Dunga, Mauro Silva, Zinho and more the genius in that world-wide one of baixinho Romrio, good performances of the good Bebeto Bahian and discrete participation of RAI (brother of the Scrates), that it used historical shirt 10, that ' ' it paraded and it turned lenda' ' in 4 Pantries, with Skin (58,62,66 and 70) and it was honored, in others four, for craques Rivellino (74 and 78) and Zico (82 and 86). The end in 94 was nervous, 0x0 of the normal time followed until the end of the extension and for the first time since 1930, a Pantry of the World would be determined in the pnaltis. the 94,194 people who folloied the game in the stadium Rose Bowl, in Pasadena (U.S.A.), more millions of viewers in everybody, turn Baresi Italian to beat the first penalty and to order the ball superficially; later Mrcio Saints to beat for the defense of Pagliuca; Albertini made the goal; Romrio tied up to l; Evani made the goal; White ties up to of new goal; Massaro beats and defense of Taffareeeel; captain Dunga beats and makes the goal. Then craque Robert Baggio has broken and isolates the ball over the goal. It was Brazil 0x0, but tetracampeo (3×2) in the pnaltis. Edson Silva is journalist in Sumar edsonsilvajornalista@

Social Service

The social assistant has that to be prepared to deal with unexpected situations, cannot be a cold person and nor at the same time sentimental, it has that to know to dose both in the certain measure. In isolated regions as the Amaznia, for example, a social assistant can see itself ahead of two great challenges: Performance in aboriginal areas the Amaznia is surrounded of aboriginal peoples, has many tribes who had never had contact with the white man. For a professional formed in Social Service it would be a great challenge to act in this area. It would be a true shock of cultures. However, the professional cannot join the staff. The person would have that to know to respect the traditions and the customs of this people, being known to act ahead with delicacy of the imposed situations, and trying to help in the best possible way. Using the knowledge acquired in its studies. He has tribes, where she does not know yourself to say an only word in Portuguese, then the professional would have that to study and to learn at least a little on the language of them, to be able to communicate itself.

Moreover, he would have that to conquer confidence, to be able to know which the existing problems, and that initiatives would have that to take to help in the resolution of the same ones. However to the end of its work it would have that to have the dignity to take the claims to the competent agencies, so that they took the resolutions cabveis. Performance in marginal communities In the Amaznia exists innumerable isolated communities, where the marginal calls live, people of humble origin, generally illiterate and that remove its sustenance of roa and of fish, the supermarket of them and the forest, of where they remove the necessary item its subsistence.

Political Term of Office

It is possible that the Student inquires of exit: it is adjusted that a school of term of office is developed by a public agency? More it would not be adjusted than the civil society and agencies public it did not carry through this initiative? Which the reason of the area of the Term of office to consider a school of social managers? This leads to strengthen a tuteladora conception? Perhaps mesmo’ ‘ pelega’ ‘ of the paper of the social managers? The opening of this publication that tells to the experience of the metodolgica construction and implantation of the school of social managers if considers to weave some consideraes on the questions above and to introduce the student in the debate on the democratic relation between State and civil Society, mainly for that they live in great metropolises. This relation, to be directed in the democratic direction, needs: of the reform of the Management of the State, providing dialogue cordial enters the interested people in this project, transparency, respect to the rights social public, human beings and, public decisions and publicizadas, as well as, of the magnifying of conditions of social control of the State for the civil society, with domain of argumentativa capacity to debate collective questions and public ece of fishes for decision and popular hearing..

Brazil And The Party Of The Democracy

The Brazilian people in the month of passed October, was protagonist of a great party, when thousand of people of the most diverse and distant cantos of the country, had been the ballot boxes to choose the governors of its states, its state deputies and federal e, senators and its bigger governor the President of the Republic; for this position voting two times: in first and according to turn, eight states had also voted to choose its governors in as the turn and the federal District: AP, GO, PB, Par, PI, RO, RR, AL and DF; the too much Brazilian states had chosen its governors in first turn. In Brazil, as the turn it happens, because in the effective electoral legislation the candidate consists that only he is considered elect in the states and the cities where the number of voters is superior 200 a thousand, when the Mayor, governor or President of the Republic obtains to get 50% plus one of the valid votes, that is, the half plus one, and this nor always happens in first turn, as in some states and federal district b in as in the election for President of the Republic, this requirement was not filled, from there, the turn as necessity, that happened of spontaneous and very expressive form. Although the vote in Brazil to be obligator, for who has above of 18 years and minor of 70 and of terms registered an abstention of approximately 30 million voters, the party was pretty and full of emotions and patriotism and this we cannot deny, therefore, in the streets, the assemblies and the walks the people showed its will to participate, making to be valid its vote, valuing its participation in the democratic process; showing to its flags and its colors and its disposal to participate of the lawsuit. I want to leave registered a fact that took off a little the brightness of the party of the Brazilian democracy in this election and to affirm that exactly thus, this party never will be forgotten by having been a moment where the people was to the streets in mass to show that if he interests for the future of our country, exactly that for distinct reasons, but if perceived the will of a great part of the population to express its right to opt to its parties, its candidates or its ideologies.

Social Services

With this the aging is conceived as integrant and basic part of the trajectory of life of each person. Of this phase they emerge characteristic proper, resultant of the experience that if fits while formador element of the personality of the aged one. The social paper exerted by the aged one is excellent in the determination of the aging, for the fact the same to be subject to the life way that the people have taken as well as the current conditions where if they find. The present patriarcal regimen in the majority of the societies until some decades, assigned in character of tradition the aged ones, the social function of heads of the familiar clans, withholding freedom for taking of decisions on the familiar life and its individuals, decisions of which the offspring, as well as its descendants accepted with respect.

Thus, all attitude that if applied as obedience absence, of care or disrespect stops with the ancios was characterized as worthless action leading to the proper rejection of the agent on the part of the society. (GAIARSA, 1996). The parents have the duty to attend, to create and to educate the lesser children, and the children biggest have the duty to help and to support the parents in the oldness, lack or disease. (art. 229, CF/88) the transformations of social scope as the acirramento for more possibilities in the work market contributed strong for the dissolution of these patriarcais mechanisms of familiar structure, attributing aged to a new paper, in the figure of the dependent adult of attention it specifies of health and social assistance with the purpose to mainly guarantee a life with more perspective for the propensity to the constant diseases acometem who it, as well as for abandonment situations the one that frequently are displayed, determining in greater or minor degree, the complexity of the relations of the individual with the society that the fence.

Federal Constitution

Walnut goes to affirm, that these two forms of participation, goes to be much more in tune with the proletariat and with the popular layers of what with the bourgeoisie. The author inserts them in a dimension daily pay? politics, but not irrelevant or inferior, therefore these would serve of mold for the associativismo? participativo model beyond horizontes corporative? that it would advance of meeting to the models inserted politicians-participativos in the State. The third type, would be the electoral participation, that if projects in the field politician. It is a participativo model, where the citizen supposedly would be not ripened, affirming not only in relation proper itself, but also in relation to all the collective. It weaves a critical one to this type of participation, for limiting the envolvement of the citizen, and for many times to cause frustrations that could result in despolitizao. the last great group, would be the participation politics, that would serve of complement, however surpassing in importance collective in such a way the electoral participation how much the corporative one. According to Walnut, For intermediary of the participation politics, individuals and groups they intervene to make with that differences and interests if explicitem in a common land organized by laws and institutions, as well as making with that the power if democratizes and either shared. this participation, in short, that it consolidates, protects and dinamiza the citizenship and all varied the right human beings.

Exactly therefore, its protagonists central offices are the citizens. (Walnut, 2004, P. 133) and under this perspective, we will make the boarding of the representation of the CMDCA while instance that if considers connector link between the State and the Society. 1. The 1 popular participation institutionalized through the Advice the explicit Federal Constitution the basic paper of the citizenship in the conduction of the State; the society is instigated to participate of the formularization of the public politics.