Building a Nation

Which leads to the conclusion that to build a nation has to do with culture as training, as one must understand the German term meaning Bildunf image, imagination and development. Today the term in pedagogy Bildunf concerns all students, which means that this activity was re-school the object. The Bildunf wing is a process and once an outcome. In this conception to start all being deprived of a form and Bildunf represents this movement toward a form to have your own. It is not fixed forms but a way becoming, in the process, a way to search. Key example can be that the blade is shaped, but not fixed because it had a process to form. Bildunf is also a work of art to the Greeks.

An art of living. The characteristic of the artist, is a power production and training. Thus, in our modern society, training children not to follow rules, if not help to want their own autonomy. We must talk of consistency that makes a link between theory and practice. Evaluating is not formed. You have to waste time in helping to reflect, take and build their own lives and find new ways to form.

Ethical and moral is that teachers reflect on the following questions in their pedagogical: How to provide good teaching? What will become a good in training? , “Use an appropriate method for the learning process of my students? How was my emotional relationship with my students? “I was fair with my students? Did I consider the contributions of each? He concluded by inviting teachers to internalize that pedagogy is unethical, as it leads to reflection and acts standing questions about the pedagogical practices and to follow the following statements:? Take the educational act at the level of ethics? Take the school as a place of pleasure? Clarify that the order of society is politics, and the order of knowledge is the pedagogy. The policy must be subordinated to the pedagogy and pedagogy to politics, as you currently manifested in the world. The society is made by the school and no school for society. Reflect a good image in society? Insist on good values? Take a critical attitude and never forget that it can be otherwise. Take education as a path that has no limits? Asking about our actions is a requirement? Providing a good education.