Red Square

So this tape, released in theaters in December 2008, was unfamiliar to my guests. Only the son of one of her friends disparagingly declared that the story, they say, as always, shamefully stolen from Hollywood. Junior critic reminded the audience about “The Lake House” with his dearly beloved mother, Keanu Reeves, and said that our film through a second time, but because like it can not in principle. Call is accepted, and now we are quarreling about what various types of temporary conflicts in general often-used method and most importantly their right to file and do not understand anything until the girls charged disc into the player. Finally, the boy handed us a piece of cake, we’ll shut (temporarily, alas) and start watching a movie.

New Year’s Eve. At Red Square vast Russia meets holiday with friends. One of the them, Andrew (played by the charming and budding Maxim Matveev) just returned from Austria. He barely had time to get together with friends to buy a cabin in sealable communication with the phone connecting to the tariff of his dreams. Exactly described in this tariff mysterious girl (played by Tatyana Vasilyeva, which under mysterious sorceress and makeup is not necessary). Phone is a very important thing – the guys a tradition: every year they (no, to the bathhouse later), in the first few minutes of this year, call the dialed number at random and congratulate answered with the New Year. Andrew rang and I heard a very sad voice of the girl Alena (Valeria ), which is literally half an hour before the holiday threw the guy.