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Key: Infantile development, Change of Behavior and televising Media. ABSTRACT The you measured actively act in the change of the behavior, restraining action and constructing new daily habits. Being, this lives visible event in the children will be the fact you be still in physical and psychological development. To broaden your perception, visit Sen. Sherrod Brown. This> article is based on the cognitiva mannering theory and the theory of learning, having thus made the relation of the televising measured them to modifier and repressor of behaviors, also inhibiting or to supplier of learning. Words – Key: Infantile development, Change of Behavior and televising Media. INTRODUCTION With the intention of raising given to statisticians on the relation of the child with the media presented Research as requisite avaliativo in disciplines of Research in Psychology I Academic of 4 period of the course of Psychology of the luterano Institute of Superior Education of Porto Velho. Master in Leadership and Administration; Specialist in Educational Planning; Professor of the ULBRA; Psychologist. televising, this project has as focus to the infantile vision, correlating it with the existing theories on the communication in mass and the comportamentalismo. Check out Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs for additional information.

Being communication one of the first acts the human being to be born, either through gestures, later to it speaks, in some cases the gesticulao of the members superiors; he can yourself, then, be affirmed that the communication in the human being is a primary necessity. The children in its process of development always more are interested in the visual beauties, that a bigger interaction with the analyzed object asks for to more attention and. The televising media to search to use this half appearance to call the attention consequently and the interest for the product, as well as the interaction with the same. We have then the mannering change and the formation of new associations with the way.

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Inherent Losses Human beings the ocidentalizada idea of the loss and I fight of it almost always appears errnea when in we see debtors to them coming across in them with such subjects, we scare. When analyzing some primitive cultures we will be able to notice that deep tickets of transformations of the human being, mean YES! the possibility of freeing in them of our proper ‘ ‘ amarras’ ‘ , determined for infinite obligations and social conventions. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Seth Fisher Hong Kong. When the inevitable feeling appears of ‘ ‘ luto’ ‘ , the anguish appears causing the sensation of abandonment, equivalent to the one of when we were baby and in them we separated of our mother, such facts were bearable, until later one became despairing lack of support represented in the touch, look and I smell of the mother. We need then, to have that to deal with the threat of the loss of the other that aplaca ours you distress lived deeply intensely in the first years of life. This absence in the cause what we call ‘ ‘ anguish of separao’ ‘ , that in them the abandonment sensation leaves spalling. If you would like to know more then you should visit Richard Blumenthal. It fits to point out that we also do not enlutecemos only with the loss of people who we love, but for circumstances that in provide pleasure to them and that many times we have that to leave them to develop.

For example, when we retire, we leave old related habits of the daily one to the work, we sadden in them and thus we inside live deeply the condition of loss of a played function of the social context. Another situation is the son who if house and leaves the house where deferred payment modifying its familiar dynamics, having its members that to deal with the absence of the same. We are in constant transformation, Cronos the god in mythology Greek is the time, that one that in the devora and when we give to account of its presence it already was, leading I obtain the body of child, who if becomes adolescent, later adult, stocking old age and, remaining then souvenirs and memories finally cravadas for the marks of the natural process of the evolution. To to carry through this natural process of the evolution permeadas by losses, is necessary that let us know to reorganize and to resignificar the proper life as renewal form, through which let us can learn to look at the new that, exactly pautado for fears, it appears repleto of possibility and hopes. This does not mean terms that to abdicate of exceeded values, for the opposite, to learn with what it does not favor in them more as if were a medieval armor, that served to instruct and defending in them of arduous battles. Loss is something that is stops backwards, so frequent and present, that many times if it does not perceive when of the birth to the aging until the frozen death that takes in them between losses, profits and also disillusions; manifest it if in the night silenced, pautada of night watchman whom premessenger the dawn asking for beating in deepenings of the soul that despaired cries out in the body, in the agitated mind the deep anguish that in the soul dominates..

Specialized Police Station

In a study carried through in the specialized police station of attendance to the woman, Brando (2006) observed that amongst the considered factors aggravations, that tend to stimulate the denunciation, are: the fact of the aggression to have occurred in public; to have left mark in the body of the victim; the responsibility of the maternity, in the direction to protect the children and the victim to have suffered pressure from familiar, employers or lawyers to make denunciation. Regarding this last one, ironically, this same motivation is used with inverse intention, appearing in the occasion of suspension of the denunciation, as justification of a decision impensada, influenced for third. This process of suspension of the complaint appears as a phenomenon of extreme importance and that it more deserves a deepened study, since it can mean a silenciamento of the violence and a return to the submission to the aggressor. E, in fact, many times really means this, however, it has diverse other factors that can act in the suspension of the denunciation. In general, the women who look the aid of the policy of the police station of the woman, search a form to contain its violent partner, to righten it so that the aggressions the one that they are victims cease. However, the majority of they do not demonstrate the intention of that its legally punished aggressor either or that is imprisoned, what takes the majority of them not to give continuation to the denunciation, leaving of side, or even though directing it the police station end to remove the done complaint. Such attitudes make it difficult of certain form, the action of the policemen, therefore these, ahead of the objectives longed for the victims and of the little availability of these to make the register of the occurrence and to follow all the procedures necessary to incase the complaint in the legal parameters, disable the determination of a punishment formal legalized. .

Professor Contemporary

As the Michaelis dictionary (2006) identity I congregated the set of proper characters of a person, what it is considered exclusive of it, as this must be recognized. As it must, as necessary to be recognized. Depth is observed it that locks up this definition. How many ideas and possibilities of analyses can deflagrar from this. directing for the professor could be asked as desires to be recognized? How occurs this construction of identity? It is the professional professor? She is another professional who also exerts the docncia? Or he is the professor who exerts another profession? That place this professional occupies in the organization of the society? Camargos Anastasiou they affirm that: The professor profession, as the others, emerges in data context and historical moment, as reply the necessities presented for the societies, acquiring legality statute. Thus, some professions had left to exist and others had appeared in the current times. Others acquire such legal power, that they are crystallized, the point to remain as practical highly legalized, with meaning mere bureaucratic.

Others do not arrive to disappear, but if they transform, acquiring new characteristics to answer the new demands of the society. (Camargos Anastasiou & Pepper – the 2005) and professor if fits in this context, in this social organization, therefore the education occurs in the reality which it is inserted. This professional will not go to invent a proper space to exert its profession to the default. It is in this historical dynamics and is in this complexity that the identity of the professor if constructs. The authors cited previously to if relating to the construction of the professional identity disclose that this if it on the basis of constructs the social significao of the profession and also in the revision of the traditions.


Capricorn in the Age of Aquarius global discovery and change is something that mankind will officially communicate, to cooperate with extraterrestrial civilizations, and parallel worlds. It is the first time in its history, come into Space conglomerate of Civilizations (long-standing). Humanity will be taken by a member of the space community of other (different) civilizations, and will obey the laws of the space community. Take it power structure as terrestrial (public). To obey the laws of the space community. Tends to occupy a worthy place in the hierarchy of his officials.

The universe in which (officially) come Humanity, will be multipolar world with different centers of influence, the evil (aggressive) and good (positive) and civilizations groups of civilizations, between which there is a constant (political and military) struggle for influence in the universe. Humanity will also be involved in this struggle, ie in the confrontation of Light and Darkness, Good and Evil in the universe. With further development of the era of Aquarius humanity will no longer be divided into separate states and political alliances, conflicting with each other. Humanity will be united with a common world government – the government of all the Earth. The fight will not take place within humanity, and in the conglomerates and groups civilizations, which will be a member of humanity.

On humanity will be subject to the laws and principles of existence, taken in the same group of civilization to which mankind to join. Here is the best fits an old truth: 'Ignorance of the cosmic laws are not exempt from responsibility. " But in the Age of Aquarius between humanity and other civilizations (worlds) is not a rigid hierarchy and subordination. Will be free, friendly societies, based on moral responsibility and mutually beneficial existence of (co) of the different worlds in the universe.

Secrets Of Sumerian

Unravel the mysteries of Sumer – ancient civilization originated in the Middle East, the scientific minds of the entire planet unsuccessfully trying for a long time. The only reliable set of data is the fact that the first Sumerian civilization began about 450,000 years ago. The rest of the story of this highly developed culture is covered with darkness. Now archaeologists know that in Southern Mesopotamia, in the area of Mesopotamia came from nowhere Sumerian civilization, from the beginning had its own language, script and outstanding knowledge in mathematics, astronomy and other sciences, including: – Ternary System account, and Fibonacci numbers. – Knowledge of the current level of chemistry and genetic engineering.

– Development of a jurisprudence and debugged system of government. – Unique information on the origin, structure and development of the Solar System. In Sumerian images of the solar system, all known to modern science, the planets revolve around the sun, although the precise confirmation of this in the history of the world of astronomy had been received recently. Where did the ancient Sumerians was this information? Sumerian representations of the structure of the solar system there is only one difference from "our": the presence of a huge additional planet between Mars and Jupiter, named Nibiru in the Sumerian texts. According to Sumerian chronicles the orbit of the planet is an elongated ellipse and once in 3600 years intersects with the Solar System.

The next intersection is on their calendar is expected to be between 2100-2160 years. The records of the Sumerians lived on the planet Nibiru highly substantive giant growth (women – about 4 meters, the men – about 5), called "" with a lifespan of up to 360 000 years of earthly measures. There is information about the origin of man. Sumerian manuscript Details tell the artificial creation of genetic engineering in the kind of homo sapiens (based on the primacy of blood) as the gold slaves for the inhabitants of Nibiru, the uprising of slaves and to separate them in a separate race, with the right live on planet Earth. Sumerian teachings about the origin of the Solar System is based on an event called "celestial battle" – big accident, which happened about 4 billion years ago and changed the form of solar System to one which is known to us today. All these historical finds Sumerian civilization were initially regarded by scientists as a myth, wherewith abounds every culture. What a surprise it was the whole scientific world, when astronomical discoveries of recent years have confirmed the data on the global celestial catastrophe, and found fragments of a large celestial body in orbit, corresponding exactly to the orbit of "mythical" Nibiru. And that – not all decoded information of Sumerian civilization. Who knows, maybe after a series of similar discoveries will substantially revise the history of mankind?