Electoral Act

The lack of regulation and control mechanisms, coupled with a disastrous electoral law, which gives too much power to minorities, they have destroyed principles and basic rights such as equality or freedom. We must strengthen the cultural identity of each region, but not as a secessionist and destabilizing, but on the contrary, this diversity should be used to feed the richness of the Spanish Nation. As the political scientist Duchacek Ivo, "The Nationalism divides humanity …". units mutually intolerant nationalism was not referring to peripherals such as Catalan or Basque, but is perfectly applicable. Can we change that?. The damage done, in many cases irreparable, but yes, we still have time to turn the course. The most urgent need is to reform the Electoral Act and the regulations of Congress and Senate.

The Congress has to be a forum for national parties, able to defend with the same intensity, tomatoes El Ejido or Asturian beans, and the Senate should be the Chamber of regional representation, where parties not national level, to propose legislative inicitativas, which then pass through Congress. On the other hand, to recover some of the powers transferred to the autonomous communities, and most important is education, leaving room for each territory, to deepen the study of their own cultural traits, but of course, trunk training has to be common throughout Spain. Today day, they can read real atrocities in some textbooks, such as those used by ikastolas, it is the Spanish as invaders of Euskal Herria. No comments. The political stupidity of the Spanish field games, has fueled the exclusionary nationalism. Never too late to react, but urgent.

Reforming the Electoral Act and amended roles and representation of the Chambers, is basic to advance in the right direction, not to mention a Ministry of Education with responsibility for the entire state. Honestly, I have little hope that these reforms are carried out, especially since even in the PP, some sectors autonomous sailing in the opposite direction. Not to get down to work, insatiable national egoism, powered by the PP and PSOE consenters, will deepen the unjust and unconstitutional, differentiation of citizens depending on the region of residence. When you start to talk about rights in the territories, just the rights of citizens. And is that in Spain we are all equal, but pigs on Orwell, some more than others.

Venezuela: Dissociation Psychotic Or Virtual Country

According to recent acts of opposition, or try to burn the last few rounds to try to give a gentle tap our president of the republic, fully constituted by a landslide vote of the Venezuelans, we have been observing in what way the leaders old policy or output of the coffins mummies oldest society, is powering its lowest resources with the sole objective of ending the Bolivarian ideology, and in the most vile, which is to manipulate young minds students and try to bring a new concept study for psychiatrists or psychologists who is called dissociation psychosis (psychosis), like the rest of the opposing party and in accordance with regard to this controversy, I have made an investigation network by breaking down each term and try to figure referred to the same or relationship can have with reality.

What is dissociation? Dissociation is a word used to describe the disconnect between things usually associated with one yes. Dissociative experiences are not integrated in the sense of self, resulting in discontinuities in conscious awareness. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Ohio Senator and gain more knowledge.. In the dissociation there is a lack of connection in thought, memory and sense of identity of a person. For example, someone can think of an event that upset him greatly and still not feeling any emotion at all. It is what is called emotional numbing, one of the main aspects. Dissociation is a psychological process that is commonly found in people seeking treatment for psychological problems There are five main ways through which the dissociation of psychological processes change the way a person experiences life: depersonalization, derealization, amnesia, confusion identity and identity disturbance.

The Lord of War Thomas Hobbes

Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679) was an English philosopher friend of Galileo who took the mechanical theories of physics to devise a system of thought that has a lot of metaphysics, psychology, epistemology, sociology, politics and ethics without being fully any of these disciplines in isolation. To deepen your understanding Jim Donovan Goldman is the source. Although it is difficult to pigeonhole, erratically not saying it is logical empiricist, mechanistic, and a continuation of rationalism inaugurated by Descartes in the wake of modernism. In the monumental work “Leviathan” Hobbes wrote that the state, in which sovereignty resides and power, is a necessary evil to quell the natural selfishness of men, left in absolute freedom, will enter into a war of all against all (bellum omnium contra omnes) for man (and woman, lest we forget, that’s what Mrs. Thatcher reconnaissance …) is the “wolf man”, ie, tends to destroy the weaker making it a victim of his ferocity, their greed, wickedness, and that, said Hobbes, people have registered with it three causes of social dispute: the distrust of all others, competition with the rest, and the desire for fame. If you let people follow their natural greed, Hobbes said, would come the general war, anarchy and total destruction of society. Therefore, it is necessary to “transfer” some rights to own a fabulous monster which consists of those captured collective wishes to minimize the evil that could make being loose. This monster is the State (the Leviathan of the Bible: Job evoked by a monster to demonstrate the incommensurable of thought of God and his designs).

When I do this deposit as an individual, the good of all, I give my ability to do justice to the State. Therefore I can not execute a thief stealing even find him in my house, I leave to the State the penalty agreed to in the civil code. Watching the news in newspapers and TV ineffable tempts us to ask: we do not again very close to this war that Mr. Hobbes proclaimed 500 years ago? Does not look like this crossroads of assaults, robberies, murders and crime to the “war of all against all? Do not distrust the common people of the state to administer justice efficiently? The much vaunted neo-liberal proposed reducing the state’s functions to a minimum. Do not forget the endless slogans of Mr. Menem repeating the age-old recipes of Mr. Alsogaray “we have to shrink the state” and extreme privatizing transportation, production, education, private healthcare. While liberalism proposed by the laissez-faire business to free enterprise, never gave up the three obligations of Leviathan: administering justice, providing education on a level playing field and address the public health.

There are many factors that stir up the social war increasingly strident: the chasm between rich and poor, the total marginalization of vast masses of people pushed out to villages and settlements, left to “Hand of God” that never harbored much anyone, bereft of education, without competing for work that increasingly demands more, without vision and plagued by all the diseases of neglect, malnutrition and addiction. It appears that disabled state of neo-liberalism abandoned the weakest, the sheep of the system, in the hands of wolves. But the sheep, it seems, stopped the mildness of the pastures and learned to hunt in the worst way: becoming cannibals.

Politicians Avoided Comments

On 20 November, but in 1975, died the dictator Francisco Franco. Zapatero, asked why, considers it a day like any other. ARSENIO school BLOG: 20-N: Rubalcaba asked him to ZP this week Zapatero, fifth President of the Government of Spain since the transition. Advance election 48 hours after knowing the cto Rubalcaba in the CIS. There is already a date for early general elections. They will be on November 20. A date like any other, according to the President of the Government Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, but that in the public memory of middle-aged Spaniards remember the day of the death of the dictator Francisco Franco, in 1975, and the founder of the Falange Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera, in 1936.

The three protagonists of this Friday, the outgoing President, Zapatero, and the two leading candidates to succeed him, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba (PSOE) and Mariano Rajoy (PP) did not want comment on the symbolic connotations of the date chosen for the elections. Thus, Zapatero has said in the press that the 20-N Conference feels one date, at least for me. The month of November, said the President still has many public holidays and the day chosen is that allows to circumvent all these holidays. For his part, the leader of the opposition, Mariano Rajoy, who was asked by a foreign journalist, thereon was limited to say that it seems very relevant, and it recalled that it is the President who fixes the date. In the same line, which will be his political rival direct during these next few months, the former Minister of the Interior, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, trumped pronounce. I’m going to run away from that debate, Rubalcaba said at a press conference. Source of the news: politicians avoided comment about the symbolism of the date of the elections, the 20-N

Freedom is a Gift From God

The second is freedom: freedom is the supreme gift of God to man after life. So sacred is the obligation incumbent on all to respect freedom, and to respect life. Man has the same right to one than the other, because it was given by God Himself. Without freedom life is not worth living. There is no doctrine that defends freedom more than the Christian.

It teaches that without freedom there can be no holiness. There is no holiness without virtue, nor virtue without merit or merit no liability or responsibility without freedom. Proclaim liberty as the inviolable heritage of each and every one of the men of humanity, and as an Argentine citizen maintain the inviolability of the independence of our homeland, defending the concept of nation-state. The third is justice: justice is the balance between morality and law. “The fair is always moral. ” The world we live in is being as the realm of injustice.

An individualism that to satisfy his ambition has been stripped of all divine and human brake, multiplying the victims of men, classes and peoples. The people tolerate the policy mistakes and the erring moral leadership. But when multiplied injustice they create economic distress, and begin to be plagued by poverty, advance the time of the rebellions and revolutions. Some time ago, our republic was attacked with the breakdown of democracy by a treacherous blow that he gave much of our material heritage. The democracies are formal, significant difference between formal and real. These, the first, increased borrowing us into these dangerous limits.

More important than the living space of the nations in the world, is the vital space of the families within the villages. With the polity and paid explanation could be given to the great failures of this grotesquely they call “politics” being a great game of egos and ambitions. Pius XII: “Politics is the act of brotherly love more sublime.” It is time to resignations, or see what no one wants. The despair has not been good counselor at the time of trouble. May God source of all reason and justice, enlighten the minds and hearts of our rulers.