The Learning

E still, if to each day, will be able to only revive in its spirit reading these objectives, you only with this, already it will be contributing decisively, for ' ' refrescar' ' its mind in the direction to walk for accomplishment of these objectives. Therefore then it writes, routinely, it rereads, it modifies, it brings up to date. It thinks the respect. sincerely searchs each day to apply an action, for teenier than either, in the direction to make possible its dreams. They are which will be. This makes a brutal difference, because we will be acting as if every day, we dessemos burnishing in the ideas, playing in the objective mind, that one that this in strict relation with the world, the subjects of our interest and, obviously, goes to be alerts for when something or some thing can give an aid to follow with our intention. If you found the agreement easy of what I act as a lawyer there in top, is certain of that the way for differentiating to it of excessively is simple: It puts its dreams in course. Now, daily.

If, however, you did not glimpse these objectives you go to suggest another alternative. When in them we are children and in the learning process, everything turns trick: Reason. Already the world observed a child discovering a child of one year until when it learns forced for the adults if to disinterest for the world, for the learning of the world encircles that it. In this phase it observes everything, question everything and the freedom will be had can until going more beyond in growth what our school can raise. The curiosity is the mother of the learning, therefore we would not have to be taught to lose our curiosity and also we would not have to be ' ' ensinados' ' as if program ' ' robs' ' , this process is entediante, imbecilizando, escravista, little creative and curtails the mental freedom of growth as people.