Coffee Maker Bork

Receipts for sure the exact indication of the date of the transaction and the signatures of both parties. Novelist addresses the importance of the matter here. In the case of a transaction involving the hiring of an apartment must be in receipt include an inventory of items contained in it, with their approximate value, which in case of damage will be required to reimburse the tenant. For example: 1). Microwave Samsung – 3000 rubles. 2). Refrigerator Electrolux – 10 thousand rubles. 3).

Coffee Maker Bork – 1000 rubles. Other Uses Receipts Receipt of funds – it is a document design that does not take much time, and hence its use in Most transactions involving the transfer of funds just will not be superfluous. A receipt for cash needed to execute in case of a transfer of money from the tenant to the landlord. To deepen your understanding Sen. Sherrod Brown is the source. This little formality will protect the relationship of landlord and tenant unnecessary suspicion and innuendo, which is very convenient and safe. In the case of purchase and sale of the apartment, which is owned by less than three years, a receipt can play a very important role and to protect the seller from the waste of resources. By law, the sum from the sale of such flats in excess of 1 million rubles is taxed 13%.

In this situation, you can specify in the contract the full amount, and 999,000. The remaining amount can be fixed in receipt and, thus, protect themselves from taxes. A receipt for the money helps to save itself from the actions of unscrupulous people. But sometimes, a receipt can be interpreted ambiguously. For example, in the case of registration two receipts may be unnecessary problems and issues related to the amount of the transaction. It will be better and more reliable if a receipt is. In case of differences and the real market value of real estate can make to the receipt amendment, which should indicate that the amount charged for the improved condition of the apartment, or some decorative items, remaining in it. Do not neglect the receipt, because this simple in the design document is greater significance and validity.

Mark System

Voluntary certification is carried out under a contract between the applicant and certification body. 2. Voluntary certification of products subject to obligatory certification, can not replace the mandatory certification of such products. Article 18. Organization of voluntary certification (in the red.

Federal law from 31.07.1998 N 154-FZ) 1. Voluntary certification is conducted by the voluntary certification included in the system voluntary certification, formed by any legal entity, registered a given system and a sign of conformity to the specially empowered federal executive body for the certification of established order. Authority for the voluntary certification may be a legal entity, established a system of voluntary certification, as well as a legal entity, has assumed the functions of the authority of the voluntary certification under a contract with a legal entity, formed the given system. Body for the voluntary certification: – provides certification of products, issue certificates, as well as under contract with the applicant gives him the right to use the mark of conformity; – suspends or cancels certificates. 2. Legal entity, established a system of voluntary certification, establishes rules for work in the system of certification, payment of such work and identifies participants in the system of voluntary certification. 3.

Voluntary certification can also be carried out in a system of mandatory certification, if required by the rules of the system of mandatory certification, and if this system duly registered mark of conformity of voluntary certification. Article 19. At the conclusion of the applicant's rights agreement on the certification of the applicant is entitled to receive from the body for the voluntary certification of the necessary information about the rules of certification, as well as to determine the form of certification.

Exact Entrepreneur

In connection with this very important point is your good behavior in a surprise appearance of staff of the supervisory authority. At the same time to visit unexpected guests should be prepared not only to the head, but also those employees who may remain in his absence for seniors or his deputies. As a general rule, any test begins with the announcement of its implementation and presentation of identification cards of persons who are members of the supervisory authority. Carefully read their official identities. If the inspectors do not take out their identity or not give you the opportunity to familiarize themselves with its content, it is a violation on their part. Moreover, without having to ascertain the identity of individuals visiting you and not identifying them as belonging to Rospotrebnadzor employees, you may, in principle, do not let them into the territory of the firm or place of business of the individual entrepreneur. Another important document that should be available for inspection and brought to you for review – is an order to conduct monitoring activities. At the same time note: this requirement is always targeted, that is, must contain the exact name of the audited entity.

Frequent cases where the staff of the supervisory authority comes with a prescription for a specific entity, but to find in a place that operates here as an individual entrepreneur, and his attempt to check activities, too. However, this is a gross violation of the audited entity. For this reason, carefully read these documents and if not found in it the name of your company or your name, be sure to commit such a breach on the part of auditors, and specify that the right to verify your organization or you as an individual entrepreneur they do not, and hence of inspection initially illegal.

Election Of Mayor

Moscow authorities have promised to stop all illegal actions, scheduled for October 21, 2010. in connection with the vote on the candidacy of the Moscow City Duma deputies Sergei Sobyanin proposed by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to the post of mayor capital. The press office of the Legislative Assembly of the city. 'The inhabitants of the city the right to transfer their mandates and requests the candidate for mayor Sergei Sobyanin through reception of the Moscow City Duma. All received documents will be sent to him without fail. After the adoption of the Moscow City Duma decision to confer the powers of the candidate mayor appeals of citizens can be transmitted through the appropriate service of the government of Moscow '- noted in the metropolitan parliament. Recall last week, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev made the candidacy of Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Sobyanin to the Moscow City Duma for giving him the authority of Moscow Mayor.

Earlier, the party United Russia Dmitry Medvedev presented a list of four candidates for mayor of the capital. It includes Transport Minister Igor Levitin, the Deputy Prime Minister and Government Chief of Staff of the Russian Federation Sergey Sobyanin Governor of the Nizhny Novgorod region, a former vice-mayor Valery Shantsev and Acting First Deputy Mayor Lyudmila Shvetsova. Former Mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov, September 28 2010. was removed from office by decree Dmitry Medvedev with the phrase first used 'in connection with the loss of confidence in the president. " Until the new mayor of the city administration in-Charge of the First Deputy Mayor performs Vladimir Resin.

Sergei Sobyanin born June 21, 1958 in the village Nyaksimvol Berezovsky District, Tyumen Region. In 1975 he moved to Chelyabinsk. He worked at Rolling Plant and studied by correspondence at the mechanical department of Kostroma Technological Institute. In 1980 he graduated, he headed a team of turners, became shop foreman. In 1982 he moved to the Leninsky Komsomol district committee.

Russian Federation

The list of such evidence in this legal act is not specified, nor does it specify the method of proof of such a relationship. This list is indicated in another normative act – Guidelines for the design of inheritance rights (approved by decision of the Board Minutes of the Federal Chamber of Notaries N 02/07 27 – February 28, 2007)., 27-28, 41 clearly show the rights of a notary to produce identification heir, verification of documents proving kinship. This applies equally degree as an inheritance by will or inheritance under the law. With only one significant difference: if the legatee can not provide such documents, the notary public has the right to issue a certificate of right to legacy under a will without it the degree of kinship. And if the will does not spelled out the degree of relationship with the heir, the latter can produce documents proving this relationship and indicates in the notary certificate degree kinship. Obviously, the documents proving this relationship must be present in the genetic case as at its formation (based on preliminary analysis), and at the end. In accordance with the Rules Notary production (approved by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation of November 19, 2009 403) in preparing the finished hereditary cause for the temporary storage (p.140) (eg, when the actions of a notary appealed to the court) in case sewed several documents, including documents proving the basis of inheritance, including the documents of the degree of kinship or copies of them.

State Statistics Committee

It is worth recalling that these duties with her has not been removed, and for his work Opposition MPs are still receiving taxpayer money. But judging by the dead silence in the opposition camp, there thinking about something else. Part of the situation explains the fact that some opposition leaders today or are behind bars or out of the walls of the prosecutor's office. But it still does not justify their silence. Where Mr. Yatsenyuk with his party, which many just promise before the election? Where's Our Ukraine? Surely in the BYT No one, except for the Yulia Tymoshenko is not able to lead the political opposition? As Human Rights Watch report says about the stability of positive developments in Ukraine. But if "stability" implies the possibility of freely destroy and ravage the country, in this case should not be surprised massive popular protests that occur in response to the proposed "stability".

The role of the current government to continue pressing for human rights and disregard for democratic principles no one denies, but the opposition's inability or unwillingness to perform his duties necessarily promotes these destructive tendencies. In this situation, confusion reigning in Ukrainian society is understandable. Ukrainians are rapidly impoverished As a result of the economic reforms of the current government and ill-conceived actions of its predecessors, the level of income continues to plummet. In particular, the State Statistics Committee, as of January this year, the number of unemployed increased to 585 thousand people, but only the first month of 2011 the unemployment rate rose by 7,5%.