London Summit

The British Government predicted that the Summit will respond to the levels of expectation and ambition of the people and will send a clear message of unity that allow to recover confidence in the economy. World leaders have to declare the end of capitalism without restrictions at the G-20 Summit after France and Germany were asked to act fast to prevent recurrence of the worst economic crisis since the 1930s. The truth, which came the anticipated moment of the holding of the Group of 20 in London, city that has been very busy in the last day, with much security, especially to the arrival of the Presidents of the United States Barack Obama, in addition to many protests and even originated a death ‘ result. After a day full of protests against the G-20 Summit, settled with a dead man in the Centre of London, the start day is becoming scene of new demonstrations. The Coordinator G20 Meltdwon, one of the groups responsible for the protests, has called for this noon one March in tribute to the man who died during the riots and to demand answers Coordinator G20 Meltdwon, one of the groups responsible for the protests, has called for this noon a March in tribute to the man who died during the riots yesterday and to demand answers, according to the group in a message on the Twitter platform.

The March will go from the Bishopsgate Street until the Bank of England. Remarkably, there convened another March by the youth employment as it passes through the city up to the Convention Center, and when you finish the meeting the neighborhood of Westminster predictably will stage of concentration Stop The War (stop the war). According to the latest data, 86 people have been arrested in the last 36 hours in relation to the protests by the G-20. This morning there have been two arrests more when a small group of protesters dressed in hats and ties has brought closer to the bag of London and has represented a giant Monopoly.

Copenhagen Summit

But there were conflicting views with respect to how good were these news. Journalist Gregg Easterbrook environmental issues reported in The New Yorker magazine that environmental laws together with the enormous variety of private efforts encouraged by the environmental awareness have had impressive success regulations on the environment, far from being cumbersome and expensive, have proven to be extraordinarily effective, have cost less than anticipated and strengthenednot weakened, the economies of the countries that have implemented them. In the year 2009 the theme of the Earth Day was the Green generation. EDN summoned to be an active part of this environmental network. In 2010 will celebrate the 40 years, and there are several issues including climate change.

The ultimate goal is to someday celebrate the earth day, every day of the year. It is known also, that in Cochabamba, Bolivia, is underway the World Conference on climate change and rights of mother earth. This historical fact is very important for indigenous peoples because our struggle does not have another goal that the preservation and conservation of nature, said Mapuradio.La world people’s Conference on climate change and the rights of mother earth, driven by Evo Morales after the failure of the Copenhagen Summit, develops these days in Cochabamba with the participation of thousands of people who rely on outline an alternative strategy in the fight against the global warming, which includes a climate Justice Tribunal. Since the inauguration of the event, which ends today, Morales denounced the historical debt of capitalism with mother earth, ‘ we only have two paths: Pachamama (mother earth, Aymara) or death. Capitalism dies or dies the mother earth. Vive capitalism or live mother earth. So forceful was expressed the Bolivian President, Evo Morales, during the inauguration of the World Conference in Tiquipaya with the participation of indigenous peoples and social movements. He denounced the historical debt of capitalism with global warming and noted that indigenous peoples would be those who show how to save mother earth, according to Azkintuwe.

Nobel Peace Prize

Suu Kyi, the Nobel Peace Prize, will attend to inaugurate a library and to participate in a forum with young people. He met with the Minister of labour, which has been interpreted as a change in the regime in the country. Burma was ruled by generals until 2010, when they handed over power to civilians, many of them exmilitares. The main Burmese opposition, Aung San Suu Kyi, is testing this Sunday new freedoms in his country with his first trip for political purposes in eight years, once the military regime hand over power to civilians (almost all of them former military) last March. The Nobel of the peace Suu Kyi, of 66 years, has chosen a simple and symbolic program to sound out the disposal of the new authorities and containing its displacement from Yangon to Bago, about 80 kilometers to the North, to inaugurate a library and participate in a forum for young people. About 200 followers waited in a pagoda in Bago Division to receive the Lady, as they call it many Burmese, who appeared as always escorted by members of the abolished party, the National League for democracy (NLD), and accompanied by diplomats and journalists, according to the democratic voice of Burma dissident radio.

Police officers dressed in civilian clothes mingled among the Congregation. Suu Kyi trip comes two days after return to the Burmese Minister of labor, Aung Kyi, to meet in what is seen by some analysts as an apparent change of attitude of the regime. We’re going to meet frequently in the future, they claimed the nobel peace Suu Kyi and the Burmese Minister of labor, Aung Kyi, at the end of his interview at a Government residence in Rangoon which lasted around an hour. Suu Kyi explained later, during questions from journalists, who must first arrange the form of cooperation because if we really cooperate for the good of the country, there will be all kinds of progress. Last month, the Government of the Prime Minister, Thein Sein, resumed official contacts with Suu Kyi after the United States exploited in a meeting regional that Burma (Myanmar) needs to prove to the international community that is moving in the right direction before to talk of lifting sanctions. Burma has been ruled by generals since 1962, only that the military junta was dissolved since the elections of 2010 and handed over power to a civilian Government, formed mainly by exmilitares related. Suu Kyi has lived 15 of the past 21 years under arrest for peacefully asking democratic advances. Source of the news: the leader of the Burmese opposition test new freedom of his country with his first political trip

The Power Political Of Rejection

Citizens have as shake us a power that us press. However, many people who want to free themselves from an oppressive power do not another thing that incurring the voluntary servitude. Many times it happens because the problem exceeds to cut the head of tyranny and so get rid of it because you would have to sample all of a social body deformation. We have seen that in the first meeting of the new National Assembly, shows unequivocally that this country does not have a ruling class. Not so enough with the rejection of the dictatorship but with a project that go far beyond and involves the transformation of the social body that celebrates the circus before his eyes presented.

A total change of the gaze and the encounter of a line of flight that goes towards the formation of an alternative that exceeds the regime to include the construction of a new community is then necessary. What is shown is a terrifying nudity which must be deserting. Thus, the question is not why they revolted, but why not make it. Someone once said that this was one of the fundamental problems of political philosophy, that is, why men fight for their servitude. The answer is given, certainly in the decapitated social body would be very bad before the mirror.

So here we could argue that it is quite likely that the majority of the country is no longer with the regime, only you don’t know what that means. The regime exerts a discipline that includes the outputs to the recreation of the students, for instance debate in the National Assembly. When members are desganitan in their lugarcomunistas screeds respond to an inner compulsion dictated by that discipline. I.e., the deputies highlighted discipline themselves and are delivered and with his eloquent speech produced the domain from their subjectivity. The Vindicator congregation that celebrates it has told four commonplaces to the regime could be transformed into impositora crowd.

Politicians Avoided Comments

On 20 November, but in 1975, died the dictator Francisco Franco. Zapatero, asked why, considers it a day like any other. ARSENIO school BLOG: 20-N: Rubalcaba asked him to ZP this week Zapatero, fifth President of the Government of Spain since the transition. Advance election 48 hours after knowing the cto Rubalcaba in the CIS. There is already a date for early general elections. They will be on November 20. A date like any other, according to the President of the Government Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, but that in the public memory of middle-aged Spaniards remember the day of the death of the dictator Francisco Franco, in 1975, and the founder of the Falange Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera, in 1936.

The three protagonists of this Friday, the outgoing President, Zapatero, and the two leading candidates to succeed him, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba (PSOE) and Mariano Rajoy (PP) did not want comment on the symbolic connotations of the date chosen for the elections. Thus, Zapatero has said in the press that the 20-N Conference feels one date, at least for me. The month of November, said the President still has many public holidays and the day chosen is that allows to circumvent all these holidays. For his part, the leader of the opposition, Mariano Rajoy, who was asked by a foreign journalist, thereon was limited to say that it seems very relevant, and it recalled that it is the President who fixes the date. In the same line, which will be his political rival direct during these next few months, the former Minister of the Interior, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, trumped pronounce. I’m going to run away from that debate, Rubalcaba said at a press conference. Source of the news: politicians avoided comment about the symbolism of the date of the elections, the 20-N

So Many Political For So Few Citizens

Although certain percentage relationship must exist between the number of politicians who represent certain opinion and their constituents, when the oversize exceeds the equation, the inevitable disproportion that only gesta discomfort and extra taxes generated! This mathematical asymmetry does not respond to any civic logic, already hold a disproportionate number of people participating in the sport of the gobernismo – so this unitary figure-, involves a work effort by residents to solve either salary, expenses and other benefits that adorn the State employee welfare. The fate of taxes directed to consolidate the State bureaucratic system is the most efficient way to break any nation’s economic course, that evaporates the principle of the intrinsic value of the lien, rolling back to growth and to the updating of the place of residence, not allowing even recycle facilities that formerly were. The situation of corrupted include staff within the dividends State, it always responds to two motivations, the first being attached to the family and friends within the benefits free physical sacrifices, and the boldness of the mundane chore. Being the second cause the political imperative of disguise the reality of unemployment, concealing the ineptitude the paralyzing situation, granting certain Entourage empty stolen wages of contributors neighbors, not generating more than the delay time that allows you the authority to sustain themselves as much as possible to continue to charge at the same time the social wage subject to the throne! This last paradox blurs the statistic of unemployment index values so the same is minimal, denying its alarming existence up to the limit of not requiring official interference, avoiding the emission of causative opinions of consequences in the maculacion of political image, or flee from the short-term reality is the concept of elementary political survival! Original author and source of the article.


At the entrance to the municipality of hazards (11,000 inhabitants), in the metropolitan area of Granada, a poster reminds all article 47 of the Constitution: the right to enjoy decent housing. From the month of March, neighbors and visitors know, upon arrival to the village, which the City Council is against evictions in And it is not just a gesture. Izquierda Unida and democratic alternative of hazards (ADP), which govern in minority (six of 17 Councillors), are taking small steps against one of the unfortunate consequences that is leaving the crisis: families forced from their homes by the non-payment of the mortgage. The worrying situation of helplessness that found thousands of families and the increase in foreclosures with a forecast upward motivated the presentation of a motion to the House of the town hall that left IU five Councillors and was approved with the votes of ADP and PSOE. She urges the central Government to take measures to guarantee the right to housing, but beyond State competition, the municipality is taking actions to combat drama. The Mayor, Roberto Garcia, is aware of the limitations to fight what he considers one of the greatest injustices of these turbulent moments from the Town Hall, but takes the initiative in what you can. This week, the Government team has cancelled municipal accounts that had in CajGranada by lack of cooperation and understanding of the banking entity.

According to the consistory, far from negotiating a situation that is very difficult for one of the families of the people, the entity continues with its claims. The box, which made public that it applies the code of good practice, has declined to pronounce on this municipal decision. If other entities at least think it is a little, it will have served for something, explains the Councillor for employment, Local development, youth, citizen participation and communication, Jose Antonio Paniagua.