Internet Film

And only one Rostislav (Rostislav Chait), free and burdened with exceptionally numerous girlfriends, is eager to fighting and trying to persuade friends not to change plans. By some miracle, the trip did not break down and finally leaves the company in Kiev, Odessa and then to listen to music and relax in the club. And on the way they talk. On women, film and aluminum forks. That's a road-movie in our language. Taken it all brilliantly. More precisely, we do not even filmed, and played: "kvartetovtsy" as always, above all praise. They do not even play, they live there.

That is precisely these problems, it is these conversations. They laugh, argue, prioritize, make conclusions and make fun of each other (the scene with the canvas – this is five stars! Or even 12.) Inserts-scenes that are friends to each draw another, fit perfectly into the overall style of the picture and cause the audience a frank laugh. The scene with deflope – it's something! By the way, if you try to search the Internet information about this most deflope, then almost immediately come across site called "Club deflope connoisseurs. Its creators big fellows, I particularly liked a passage that deflope in the world is running out and needs to be rescued. Stage a meeting with former love and a white grand piano sites are not are committed, but it the less amusing did not become.

It should be noted that, despite its simplicity and abundance of very funny moments to, so to speak, pure comedy film include does not work. It discusses in fact important issues. This smart and subtle film that leaves a very pleasant aftertaste (oh, and has a delicate bouquet), and which is very well reviewed. He seemed to be disclosed: begin to notice more nuanced and therefore, even after numerous revisions of the picture did not get bored. "What do men" only lasts 90 minutes. When the credits appear on the screen, you feel even something like a light bewilderment: Is it all? It's so nice driving and talking, so become friends with the characters and suddenly – all? I hasten to reassure: in fact, play goes on for 3 hours. Subs Not a lot of tales that are important to those ironic stories and philosophical reflections. According to the Quartet And, if the picture will be a success, on the basis not included in the movie scenes will remove the extension. Difficult to make any predictions, but the film is to ride very well, so that, apparently, the sequel to be. And I have great hope that he will no worse than that. The name of the "Quartet" is already guaranteed a high level of presentation, and men are still many topics for discussion. Solely on the eternal themes: women, cinema and, of course, aluminum forks.