Grand Council

Mary Magdalene: the doctrine depth to this time, the meeting with the prophet Agabus, it would be a meeting like the ones we had before, that is, free from constraints that might limit participation in some form of the squad. a The call was very clear and precise, called men and women, should be all belonging to the Order of Melchizedek and have been inducted into the ordinances and agreements that open the doors to the Mansion of the Lord. to arrive, coming from very different places, not only in reference to geography, but also regarding the timing and dispensations, in which we live has matched our earthly experience. a The entrance to the hall where we would have illuminated the meeting required a previous passage for control of the guards, which corroborated our nuevoa a nombre the records of the Mansion, and once found our identity, we provided them Investiture sacred, an essential requirement for our presence before the veil. a All we entered dressed in white, with a cloak over his right shoulder, no apron, using the waist, a kind of twisted white cord with large staffs at their ends, which fell to one side of the waist to live up to our knees . a Once settled in our places, men on the right, facing the symbol of Yahweh, and women on the left, facing Shekinah symbol. Ante at a small stand, located in front of the big bright room, waiting for us dress like us, the prophet Agabus, who informed us, had been assigned by the Grand Council to conduct the session for which they had been formally convened. .