The Only Way to Be Free

Over one hundred years ago the Cuban National Hero, Jose Marti, categorically stated: “Being educated is the only way to be free.” This maxim, which maintains full force, continues to serve as a beacon to the work of the Cuban Revolution. Framing each situation in its historical moment today can not speak of education, or culture, or development if not implemented efficiently and in all spheres of society the New Technologies of Information and Communications, called tics. Today, the computerization is part of the struggle to raise the quality of life of the Cuban people and make society more and more just, equitable and inclusive. This article aims to reflect some of the achievements of the Cuban government to achieve its objectives.

In addition to the problems facing Cuba as a poor country to provide resources and services, has to fight against the great pressure the U.S. government that continues in its efforts to sink it and deprive it of the enjoyment of new technologies that exist today. This article also reflect the main measures and laws that has given the U.S. as part of its blockade policy against Cuba. INTRODUCTION Cuba, with a development project that has as pillars of social justice, popular participation, equity and solidarity, has designed and begun implementing strategies to make knowledge and information technologies and communication tools available to the progress and profound revolutionary transformations.