New Year

What do you and your family used to eat at the feast? What are generic and are supported by national traditions of cuisine you? That such questions should be the first in the mind of every owner. Do not deny that there are among you, dear cooks, those who say: “As I got tired of all – every day spend at the stove. The best gift for me – The suspension cooks duties during New Year celebrations. ” Well, there is always way out – you can go to visit, where another hostess will show your skills, or in a restaurant, in the end. Those who are not averse to devote while preparations Christmas dishes, we advise you in advance to make a rough menu of the expected holiday treats.

This is useful also for planning the upcoming purchase of needed products. If the salad “herring under fur coat” or sandwiches with sprats remained in the diet of your family still loved it and festive dishes, you should not deny all pleasures and enjoy them in this New Year’s Eve. But try to submit an original familiar dishes, for example, in sumptuous dishes with fancy decorations, set the tone of the upcoming holiday. From personal experience give an example: the same well-known, perhaps, even banal salad “Olivier” can be laid out at the plate in the form of Christmas trees, decorate it with asterisks, balls and garlands of vegetables, olives, olives. We believe that any owner can come up with something more original, say, dish powder “snow” from crab sticks or goat cheese … sure to play around and introduced to the New Year’s table at least one or two new dishes that meet the tastes of the family or invited guests on ingredients. Let’s just say, fashion trends in food – is a long time tested “old wives’ recipes, reworked with a modern twist. For example, trendy and well-known chefs have replaced in the salad, “Mimosa” good old cheese “Kostroma” to “Parmesan”, that’s all modernism! ..

The meaning of the same, is not it? And the simple Russian people still regards as a kind of new foods on the old standards. Additional information is available at Amazon. Do not forget also about the New Year entourage tableware. In this role, can act, for example, snowflakes and Christmas trees on the edges of cutlery, tablecloths and napkins, as well as lights and candles. “Trite!” – You say? No way! From practical experience We note only that you should not overdo it with scented candles and sticks, and light them better away from the table so that they do not smell spoiled flavors of New Year goodies menu. Do not neglect the presence of your menu traditional and all your favorite sweets and tangerines, which create a particular mood, not only children but adults, even if they do not admit it out loud often …