Impulse Heating

A year ago I published a post about the technical nature of the invention the device for me last year kvartir.Za heating device has been reliable test in real conditions, was further developed in the form of use it to warm floors and intensify the standard Heating sistem.Poyavilas technical feasibility of heating valid razrabotki.Poskolku neobchnaya the listener perceives it is difficult explanation, I decided to describe the entire system and tell you about the next steps in this direction. Steam-pulse system / circulation / water heating Probably everyone has seen / to the movies or on TV / in the valley Geysers gush hot springs. The spectacle is, of course, zavorazhivayuscheeNo not everyone knows how to build a geyser geyzer.Poproboval I have a doma.Snachala out of curiosity, what would better understand the process itself, and partly in the hope admire the beauty of this yavleniya.Ved if tint or highlight the water fountain, the sight can be privlekatelnym.Nashel a small container, put in place an electric heater, pipe for water and surrounded it tubule chashey.Napodobie natural pool. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs oftentimes addresses this issue. Filled the water and turned nagrevatel.Cherez minute or water in the tank and rustle of the fountain tube burst hot vody.Voda, surrounded by steam, crumbled into small spray and settled in basseyne.Nagrev in the tank and stopped after ten seconds of water from the basin became absorbed in whistled bachok.Cherez ten seconds again and again broke the fountain water is sucked into the bachok.I earned a real geyzer.S steam, spray, noise effektami.Rabotali with three power-electricity to the heater, it brought water to the boil, the vapor pressure of water at its boiling-it gives off a fountain from the tube and the vacuum that occurs when condensation in the tank, he sucked the water back into bachok.Chudo? elektrordvigateley No, no pumps, no switches, sensors and relyushek unit operates in automatic cyclic rezhime.Poyavilos desire to use the effect observed in the mercenary purposes, heat their homes.