By Editson Romero angle journalist and educator Podria to say is the interpretative marrow, with which we see the world, its phenomena, we analyze the origin and causes of these phenomena and therefore this worldview helps human beings to reinterpret it. The worldview is the instrument with which I chop the elements of the universe, I find their causes, descubro priority and which aspects are secondary aspects in a process. Society arises from action reciprocal human beings, conflicts among members of the communities are developed from the use of the worldviews. This allows the emergence of conflict that manifests itself in practical reality; and the practice of human beings is restricted based on four orders that eventually drive worldviews. 1. the reality of the matter: the biochemistry and physics demonstrate us experimentally the reality of matter, because they have been discovering verifiable laws in all physical realm. Examples of these are Newton’s laws (law of inertia, principle fundamental dynamics, principle of action and reaction) this ends up producing a materialistic worldview: generally the scientists glimpsed the elements that compose the natural or social world as an intimately adjusted tangible agglomeration.

In such a case the objective reality determines the subjective action which then translates into practice IE in social conflict and its resolution expressions. 2. life manifestation real this second reality in the human construct produces effect a worldview, the greatness of life is incomplete, for the preparation of their thesis, the vital impulses produce human relationships, conflict and pragmatic resolution that make human. 3. the spiritual reality cognitive circle in the reality of human construct. It is judged together in relation to the most hidden substance of reality.

It envisions a spiritual base, which judges of continuous all cognitions and all reality. Allowing this social construction according to a predetermined plan for the spiritual reality that dominates human endeavor. 4. the manifestation of the individual man, as being unique and unrepeatable, manifests itself in human construction, as a being possessing individually an interpretation world. Always different, never in congruence with others in its entirety and then conflict is natural in construction and so what comes out is the imposition of individuals over collective subject. In this framework, every human being even without awareness of their worldview acts accordingly of the same, the philosophers seek to discover which is the dominant worldview in a society. And that is taking place. Allowing to observe the reactions of the other worldviews that produce social mobility original author and source of the article regardless of its consciousness