International World Championships

It turns out that classic Neapolitan pizza turns into Italian. The Italian pizza has its distinctive features by which it can be easily identified. Firstly, a thin crust pizza or base, and secondly – Mozzarella Thirdly – a special tomato sauce and fourthly – spices often oregano or basil. In Italian pizza as toppings (not including mozzarella, sauce and spices) used one or more ingredients, but they Number rarely exceeds five. The only way to truly appreciate the taste of each.

I would especially like to highlight a pizza pants – a closed pizza. Filling in a pizza lies between the two test pellets that prevents its zavetrivanie and cooling. Also, much love from the Italians enjoyed basis (crust) pizza – focaccia, which is used separately without the stuffing. It can be used as a spicy addition to any meal. You may find Richard Blumenthal to be a useful source of information. Sweet or a dessert pizza – a special kind of pizza. By the way, their home probably also be called Italy.

Among these pizzas take a coffee or pizza ‘Caffe pizza “. Prior to its introduction of coffee is added only to the filling, for example, in liquid as a tiramisu or a hammer to flavor cheese Ricotta (a special kind of cheese made from sheep’s milk). Revolutionary was the addition of ground coffee into the batter. James Donovan Goldman Sachs pursues this goal as well. Adding 10% of coffee per 1 kg of flour gives a special flavor to steal the pizza. Method of preparation ‘Caffe pizza “attenuated pizza dough ready for the classic recipe with the addition of 10% coffee powder and 3% powdered sugar. The dough is divided into pieces weighing 250 g. After the dough rises sformovat crust, so so as to form a side, which would then be to hold the filling. Place the crust on pizza toppings, consisting of a mixed between a cheese Ricotta (250 g) ground coffee (30 g) and sugar (30 g). Bake in preheated oven. After baking decorate as desired. A pizza can be eaten while hot or chilled. For the first time ‘Caffe pizza “was introduced to consumers in 1984 at the International World Championships in pizza. Since that time, this pizza has become a favorite treat for visitors of Italian pizzerias.


When we adults look at the world, we see the objects: house, tree We just it seems that we see the world from childhood so. Hear other arguments on the topic with Sen. Sherrod Brown. In fact, we see him through the "spectacles" of our experiences, our concepts. Filed under: Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs. They miss one another weaken, delay the third. Scary to think what would happen to us if the "points" suddenly fell. A newborn baby? It is not protected. He did not have time to put "magic glasses". And the world has fallen to its senses in its entirety, the totality, of disorganization.

Instantly, without any transition. After feeling the baby work even before birth. But there, inside the mother's womb, they are protected from all sudden impacts. And suddenly – the dam burst, and rapid flow of sensation burns the eyes, ears, skin, The child does not see, he is blind – this is conviction. "Well, you – to answer an opponent – everybody knows what he sees." And why did the bright lights, spotlights? They needed an obstetrician? Of course. A child? Do they have a child? Or maybe they are harmful. Do we have that feeling, experiencing child? Here's the baby's head appeared.

Seen the wide eyes They are closed with force. On the face of the kid suffering. A cry. On this light, blinding, burning! The baby felt it still there in the belly moms, but there was the light is soft, weak, and suddenly the sun broke out no, not one, not two – ten suns burned his eyes.

I’m A Fan Of Women

Margaeth Thatcher: "As aa granting women equality with men, sevuelve than it One of the earliest and most beautiful poems which take news was devoted specifically to women.'s Choir and says," That it is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh. It will be called "woman" because the man was taken ". Its author was Adam driven by emotion he felt when he was introduced to her partner, which, as it had been made by the supreme maker from one of his ribs Women has been the force of the universe and its presence gives meaning to life wherever she is. But the world does not seem to be done for women as it has forced them to redouble their efforts to open spaces and fulfill their role of housekeeper, wife, worker and human being …. A woman is asked to be honest, it looks like. Let it be tender and behave like a delicate flower, but also to have the enough to conceive a child and then bring to the world.

To respond to the varied duties of the house and your work without complaints or regrets. Advised to go to the delicacy of a flower unfading spring to the unwavering strength of an oak indestructible. You are asked to have the flexibility of the palm trees to the winds and the strength of the concrete face of difficult life situations. The ladies cede some of their genes but also their new being calcium for nine months in her womb and then, from her breasts, still giving life to new life in beautiful act or that the reason the instinct and heart genius to join the human race has continuity and draw their footprints in the sands of memory and gentle on the land of reality. The woman thinks, smiles, walks and moves. And he does the infamous discrimination against a system designed without thinking about them and must deal with the disadvantages of a condition by which "sick" three days a month and yet, with their aches and pains, they should go ahead, dealing smiles, working hard, looking resolutely and permeating all places with their fine aroma and its emotional essence.

When women are girls were described as planks and are desperately looking, when they are young they are regarded as object and symbol of desire as they grow older they become mothers-in detestable "and when you reach old age are given the treatment of" old ladies tiring. If you have many friends is questionable repute ys has not announced them "the train is going to whistle." But women are continuing. A weight discrimination abuses. And set out to conquer the world if not at a disadvantage. accept with resignation the fact of having to make up but do not want and look beautiful in the style of beauty imposed by society of consumption market of the absurd. march with the heavy burden of her purse monumental (what not in the bag and a lady does not exist) and find a solution for every problem based on his unerring instinct and reasoning born in the infallible dictates of common sense. If there is a planet, a city or a neighborhood where no women … just not worth knowing. I thank God for making me no woman (me am very happy to be a man), but I thank God for creating them. And for giving me voice and words to shout from the rooftops, I declare an unconditional fan of the most beautiful being in creation.