Summer Account

All we, women, dream of the day of our marriage. For less romantic than let us be or for the simple fact of terms outrasprioridades, the reality is that this ' ' dia' ' it is sabemosmuito never rank of part and well that we like more and less. If it has thing where we think is in the ideal dress of fianc. That fenomenal part is, to semqualquer doubt shade, in ours top 3 of most important the things nocasamento. However, this so essential element can also give algumasdores to us of head, such as: – Whenever we think about our marriage, it wants either muitoantes or more close to the height where it will be gone to carry through of fact, we idealize ovestido that we want to use.

Although to be, in our thoughts, the vestidoperfeito happens, many times, that when trying in them bemquanto does not seat so imagined (our type of body for times trais us, what they do not facilitaem nothing). – In them to consider creative and different people temosde to have in account that does not agree to opt to a type of exageradamenteoriginal dress, eccentric therefore in day we can repent us and find that, after all, nor it has as much to see connosco how much this. The type of cuts off and the dovestido length is also colon very pertinent to have in attention therefore we novamos to want, logically, to give a wrong idea. In simplicity it is the profit, believes. – We have to also have in account that in case that takes a simple vestidomuito we can more than complement with jewels (always without abusing the adereos) ecom a bit the maquilhagem (without garridas colors). In the case of levarmosum fancier dress already does not make sensible ' ' to decorate-se' ' as much therefore takes off oprotagonismo that is associated to it.

– Another point to have very in account is the deterceiros opinions. It is well that we always want to know if we are so perfect quantoimaginmos but, for times, the opinion of another person alone in them confuses more! We can take mothers, sisters, godmothers, future mothers-in-law to the establishment where optmospor to buy the dress but it has to always have in attention that, although to noquerer to wound the opinion of nobody, the choice has of being ITS, the dress is ITS evoc is that it knows as if feels better. – Finally, it has attention more the two aspects ' ' tcnicos' ': the fact to have to make some tests (because in the phase of born in the kingdom organization docasamento stress e, unhappyly, this many times results in it even aumentoou in the weight reduction) and the fact to have in account the height where it goes to marry. It does not want to pass cold with a shorter dress and low-necked in full Winter, nor was full of heat when using long sleeves in one day hot of Summer. Certainty can tera of that, having in account this small synthesis of tips on the seuvestido one of dream, everything will go to run for optimum. What he interests are to be you to aescolher what the happyer woman wants to feel itself most confident and doMundo!

Swiss Stud Book

In 1917, AKC registered the first white Tracy Shepherd breeding. By the sixties White Shepherd became popular in the U.S., mainly through television. For example, these dogs become family Rockefeller. The first White Shepherd Club was established in 1964 in California town Sacramento. But in 1968, out of solidarity with the German Shepherd Club of Germany, the American Kennel Club removed from the standard German Shepherd white coat color. At the same time, Canadian fans of German Shepherds no thought the color prohibited, and considered it undesirable characteristics. In 1971, Canadians have opened a club of white shepherd dogs, but since the white sheep was not considered an independent breed, and belonged to a German, it was impossible to legally present in various exhibitions.

Then, in the United States was established an international club of white German shepherd, who was among the first recognized the white color in America and Canada. In the seventies, the Canadian dog owners it was decided to separate from their American counterparts and to open their own breed club called Club White Shepherd Canada. From overseas – back to Europe In Europe, the existence of the US-Canadian White Shepherd learned only in 1970, when, because of Canada were brought to the first representatives of the "new" breed. It was at this time, several representatives of this breed has got to Switzerland. Male Lobo, who was born in 1966, was listed the Swiss Stud Book. In many countries, particularly in GollandiiiShveytsarii, breed officially registered under the name "white sheep", and the German dog lovers called it "the white US-Canadian sheepdog. " It became the official name of the breed since 1998.

The Germans, although from time to time and published photos of white shepherd dogs, but every time I repeat that the white color is not provided for the breed standard. But the Society staronemetskih Shepherd saw a white dog to its cultural heritage and leadership began to cry for its preservation, which has another white shepherd from Germany, has a European origin (based on a German shepherd dog 's). In 1982 a small European country of Luxembourg, a white Shepherd recognized the UCI (World Canine Organisation, an alternative FCI). In 1984, after she was given the name of the US-Canadian shepherd dog, breed, finally, recognized by the Germans who organized the Union of White Shepherds. Finally, in 2002, Switzerland has applied to the FCI and a white shepherd dog registered as a new breed of White Swiss Shepherd. Features breed As in America, and in German Shepherd white differ vigor, strength, well-developed muscles, they also have guard qualities. New-fangled notions of "correct" the addition of a German Shepherd, fortunately, did not affect ekserer white dogs. They are characterized by proportioned, body length slightly exceeds the height at the withers. Wool has the ability to clear itself, so the dog must comb every day only during the period molt.