Hurricane Recovery: Steps To Start Putting Your Life Back In Order

It seems unreal, another storm that hit Florida after experiencing four last year. The start of hurricane season, Floridians were beginning to move from the destructive events that caused many people and even stress, depression. As Hurricane Dennis comes ashore, the coming hours, days and months later, may be those of disbelief and shock. There are ways to help get one? S life back in order after such difficult situations. Express your emotions when you feel. If you feel compelled to mourn, give it.

It is likely that the healthiest things you can do for your body as it searches for a way to release the buildup of tension. Don? Do not be surprised, too, if you think your act together and then at the least expected moment, tears erupt again. Be kind and understanding with yourself whether others are or not. Talk about your feelings, worries and fears. Be honest.

Say out loud to your family, friends, boss and colleagues work. If you can not pronounce the word verbally, write in a letter. You might be surprised that others feel exactly like you, but were hesitant to express them. Get help immediately. Let your ego step forward. Don? T Keep yourself needs. Reduce stress as much as possible today. From a water bottle to an extension in the payment of a bill, register with FEMA, call your insurance company, and contact your creditors as soon as possible. How these things out of the way gives you more energy to tackle other things Accept help immediately. Now is not the moment of pride to stand in the road. Those who offer help are usually in a place to do it are, or likely would not have extended their invitation in the first place. Take them in your offer no excuses. Food, a place to stay, clothes, or transport back can leave you with less to worry about at this time. Concern about how to provide any recovery of this Later, when his life is in order. You will be in a better place to see their appreciation and could end up being more than necessary for its patrons anyway. Life after a traumatic event like a hurricane can be life changing so expect to spend some time before you feel well again. Remember that professional help is available free from the government, church and other charitable organizations in times like this. They were designed for moments like these. Copyright 2005 Kathy Iwanowski. All rights reserved. Kathy Iwanowski, a cancer nurse and former manager, creates art, speaks and writes about the creative life and work. She lives in Florida. His articles, editorials and commentaries on art, business, creativity, and nursing subjects have been published in newsletters, magazines and books in the United States.