Controversy Between Cities

By Alfredo Armando Aguirre started this communication, making explicit that it passes through the path of scientific publication. Prior to the start of writing, 1st. June in the Gregorian calendar in 2008, just as we in the communications that we have been making little more than three decades, we consider the problem of granting title, label to which we attach character backbone of our messages. The magnitude of the issue was finally, to proceed to join in a title, the three that we had happened, and so we ended up in a style of written certification that was characteristic of previous centuries. Having already past sixty years to the humanistic minded people say, oh, a fact that marked us:

The Conference of the Stockholm Environment 1972.En Argentina, a strip of such vocations, we “hit” even with more intensity projections of the event, given the impact and outreach of this theme, he who was three times the constitutional president of Argentina, General Juan Domingo Peron. In turn, before the coup of March 1976, the press secretary of the Argentine government and Diffusion, edited four volumes, containing the addresses of Peron, from June 1973 until June next year. Have doubts about the magnitude of the distribution of that material was, but it is witnessed by the recurring references to the contents of that conference. Over time it became clear that four months before the meeting, and in the same intellectual climate that generated the Meadows report on “The Limits of Growth”, and “Gaia Hypothesis” by James Lovelock, still in exile Peron Madrid issued its “Message to the Governments and Peoples of the World”, a message sent with some slight modifications to the Conference of Non-Aligned Countries, held in Libya next year..