In order to obtain a correct decontamination there are certain parameters to follow. In the first place the environmental conditions of the zone are due to change to try. It is important to make a study and good selection of the methods use, as well as choose the suitable time of development of the species to which it is wanted to control. Besides the cleaning of means methods preventive, physical, chemical, biological and integrated can be used. (A valuable related resource: Amazon). By means of the cleaning of means we concentrated in trying to reduce the provisions of the plague (water and food) as well as to restrict the zones of shelter that can have.

Also it consists of throwing the sweepings in the appropriate points, treating waste waters and to maintain a hygiene and cleaning adapted in the buildings to try. If not yet there is a plague seizing of the place, preventive methods can be used to save the worries in the future. It uses you enmesh and grids that prevent or make difficult the access of insects. Cudese to cover cracks, cracks and turns, since they suppose a perfect hiding place for the plagues in order to lodge and to reproduce. In some places where the presence of insects supposes a high risk (as they can be hospitals), resorts to airflows like preventive measures. The air flow prevents the entrance of insects, preventing therefore the possible plagues.

The use of physical methods to fight insects is only advisable when it is a reduced number and never for a plague. Between the different methods is the temperature (cold or heat), the ultraviolet light and the vacuum cleaners. If the temperature is used, in conditions of cold speech of temperatures inferiors to ten degrees, moment which the insects enter a lethargy state, the movement and the reproductive activity stop.