African Society

That is, sexist attitudes depend on how you perform the enculturation of individuals, geographical location where they are born, the dominant religion, traditions etc. He does not suffer the same discrimination a white woman in the West that a black woman in an African country. The two are women, but the roles of each are different, as life expectancy and conditions, because the perception is about identity, assigned roles, expectations are not born as a woman, but because women in West or in undeveloped countries. Angeles Alvarez (2007) comments that the belief system is the key factor in the appearance of sexism, which discriminates against women and legitimizes the use of violence. The beliefs associated with gender are essential to bring about sexist attitudes as education is essential to convey this belief system that determines the behavior, you must pay close attention to the education of future generations to prevent them or kill them and eradicate them if already assimilated. Society has rules, attitudes and values handed down from generation to generation, the men and women affect society and it affects people, producing a continuous flow between the issuing company, people and people receiving stations, receiving society. And if a society is sexist, it will affect men and women of this society, yet, if those beliefs are eradicated in people will change society. Public policies have so far only patches and have not dealt seriously with this issue and also to carry out effective prevention of violence against women.

The measures adopted to eradicate all forms of violence are to be applauded and celebrated, but will not come forward in this way if you change the prevailing belief system in society, the elimination of sexist attitudes that prevent equality between men and women. And a scope to achieve prevention of these attitudes, beliefs change, the shift towards an egalitarian society, is without any doubt education. The new Education Law affects the issue of equality between men and women as one of the aims of the education system referring to it at all levels, as well as peaceful conflict resolution and respect for differences, as well as promoting gender equality in initial and continuing training of teachers. If you want to eradicate violence against women must be rooted sexism and the sexism could be eliminated by removing sexist attitudes in education, if we eliminate the pejorative concept of gender.